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Account-Based Marketing Strategies

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) identifies insights, integrated marketing initiatives and sales alignment requirements to deliver and measure impact with target groups of customers and prospects. ABM looks at the entire customer lifecycle, including insights and advocacy, to support better execution and revenue outcomes.

Senior marketing management professionals use account-based marketing (ABM) to win, develop and retain business with a specific set of accounts. SiriusDecisions' ABM service combines best practices, innovative models, thought leadership and benchmark data to help companies make informed decisions about account-based investment.

Through continuous research and deliverables, ABM stimulates ideas and internal discussion, provides networking opportunities and gives you on-demand intelligence for effective decision making.

Operational Intelligence

  • Compare strategies and tactics used to create demand and drive retention and advocacy 
  • Analyze your account-based marketing investment in comparison to your peers 
  • Learn how best-practice organizations approach ABM 
  • Use proven models and frameworks to avoid reactive, hard-to-scale execution 
  • Gain insight on how to build a customer focus that takes advantage of marketing’s strengths 

Representative Coverage Areas

  • ABM strategy – Understand ABM options and when to apply them
  • ABM analytics – Learn the historical and predictive data needed to understand available opportunities and likelihood of winning, as well as potential retention challenges
  • Organizational structure – Understand the roles and responsibilities needed to support account-based execution
  • Customer experience – Understand the sales and marketing roles and responsibilities needed to support customer experience 
  • Vendor analysis – Learn suppliers' strengths and weaknesses to improve your vendor selection process
  • Measurement – Understand best practice key performance indicators and metrics to gauge ABM effectiveness
  • Planning – Understand a logical model for balancing investment in programs and tactics against market themes and business objectives

Representative Models

  • ABM Strategy Model – Account-based models and the best context for each
  • Account-Based Scoring Model – The dimensions of account and buying center knowledge required to accurately estimate opportunity within a target group of accounts
  • Campaign Framework – A framework for marketing to link strategy to quantitative goals and program and tactic execution that can be used to support budgeting and ROI
  • Deployment Options Framework – Identifies the four modes of delivery for ABM tactics to help marketing and sales align 
  • Customer Marketing Function Framework – Describes the optimized customer marketing function to define evolution and staffing based on goals
  • Sirius Analytics Overview – Helps you define analysis options to meet reporting and insights objectives, and the technology and data requirements of each
  • Account-Based Marketing Measurement Model –  Helps you better define your target market based on four specific variables (market segmentation, market requirements, business function analysis and buyer/user dynamics)

How We Can Help

SiriusDecisions empowers the world's leading marketing, product and sales leaders to make better decisions, execute with precision and accelerate growth. We support client organizations through three service areas:

Advisory Services