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Marketing Operations Strategies

As the marketing operations function evolves, it must redefine its charter in order to truly show marketing’s return on investment for the business.

The mission of Marketing Operations Strategies™ (MOS) is to enable marketing operations to accomplish fundamental objectives of its function as well as the enterprise. MOS offers an objective, third-party perspective to validate decisions and help you innovate, benchmark and challenge your organization to create the most effective marketing operation possible. 

MOS is designed to provide senior marketing management with operational intelligence to support strategic and tactical decisions. Through continuous research and deliverables, MOS stimulates ideas and internal discussion, provides networking opportunities and gives you on-demand intelligence for effective decisionmaking.

Operational Intelligence

  • Access benchmarking data from Fortune 500 and major SMB companies for context around your most critical decisions
  • Understand the strategies, tactics and tools that best-practice organizations use to optimize marketing and generate predictable revenue
  • Obtain the latest insights on the evolving organizational structure of the marketing function and its integration with sales processes and strategies

Representative Coverage Areas

  • Sales and marketing integration – Understand the alignment strategies best-practice organizations use to systematically grow their businesses
  • Budget analysis – Assess your marketing budget effectiveness and compare to your peers' budgets using planning, allocation and comparison data from our SiriusIndex™ of Fortune 500 and SMB companies
  • Measurement – Assess pipeline growth contribution with critical metrics and dashboards
  • Organizational structure – Understand the pros and cons of centralized and decentralized marketing functions

Representative Models

  • Sales and Marketing Integration Model – Includes the processes, strategies and technologies required to achieve effective sales and marketing alignment
  • Marketing Dashboard Model – Provides an overview of the key marketing metrics and KPIs used by organizations by revenue size
  • Marketing Operations Evolution Model – Depicts the marketing operations function and its role as a company grows

How We Can Help

SiriusDecisions empowers the world's leading marketing, product and sales leaders to make better decisions, execute with precision and accelerate growth. We support client organizations through three service areas:

Advisory Services