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Product Management Strategies

Product Management provides research and advice on the definition, structure and responsibilities of the product management function in b-to-b enterprises. We deliver the operational intelligence and decision support framework necessary for product and solution management leaders to succeed.

Our research focuses on innovation, go-to-market processes and best practices to ensure the commercial success of your company's offerings. 

Operational Intelligence

  • Business planning – Get best practices and templates for building a business case, market requirements document and product requirements document
  • Roadmaps – Leverage our structured roadmapping process to create a long-term future roadmap and learn best practice approaches to prioritize and phase elements within a roadmap, communicate roadmaps and drive alignment

Representative Coverage Areas

  • Innovation strategy – SiriusDecisions’ Innovation Strategy Framework helps you determine if you are focusing too much on the next generation of existing product rather than new innovation concepts that could increase market share
  • Enhancement prioritization – Access our decisionmaking process for enhancements to existing products and solutions. The tool runs potential enhancements through three sets of variables to score and rank their viability and eventual priority

Representative Models

  • The SiriusDecisions Product Marketing and Management (PMM) Model™ – Compare your activities, spend and organizational alignment against those of your peers to ensure that you are focused on the right strategies and tactics to grow your business
  • Product Portfolio Optimization Framework – Determine if offerings are suited for growth, maintenance or sunset, and tap into best practices and advice on execution

How We Can Help

SiriusDecisions empowers the world's leading marketing, product and sales leaders to make better decisions, execute with precision and accelerate growth. We support client organizations through three service areas:

Advisory Services