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Sales Enablement Strategies

Sales enablement has evolved into a front-and-center function that plays a critical role in readying sales to succeed in an increasingly challenging marketplace. The goal of the sales enablement function is simple: to ensure that every seller has the required knowledge, skills, processes and behaviors to optimize every buyer interaction with buyers. But execution is complex.

Sales Enablement Strategies™ (SES) from SiriusDecisions provides benchmarking data, analytic models and access to domain experts, peer-to-peer networking and learning solutions that serve as a roadmap for improvement and success.

Operational Intelligence

  • Compare key benchmarks such as sales productivity, training spend and quota attainment from the SiriusIndex of Fortune 500 and SMB organizations.
  • Learn how best-in-class sales enablement teams are structured, funded and staffed
  • Visualize and communicate your sales enablement challenges with frameworks, models and issue spectrums, and determine the most appropriate course of action

Representative Coverage Areas

  • Sales enablement structure – Understand how world-class sales organizations structure their sales enablement teams and manage intersection with other marketing and sales functions
  • Role-based enablement – Learn how enablement efforts must be tailored to meet specific needs of the entire field force, including sales managers, strategic account managers, territory reps and pre-sales engineers.
  • Sales training – Identify gaps in skills, knowledge and processes, then leverage our expertise and knowledge of the sales training vendor landscape, cutting-edge delivery options and implementation best practices 
  • Sales tools – Understand how to select, design and deploy the latest selling tools such as playbooks and social media platforms that truly enable a field force and lead to gains in both efficiency and effectiveness.

Representative Models

  • SiriusDecisions Sales Enablement Model – Models the enablement structure required to execute on the services and deliverables needed by all roles and defines interlinks between product marketing, field marketing, sales operations, sales training and sales communications
  • Role-based competency models – Identify the core and emerging competencies required for sales success today 
  • Sales/buying process mapping – Ensure that every stage in the sales process is aligned with key stages in the buyer’s journey

How We Can Help

SiriusDecisions empowers the world's leading marketing, product and sales leaders to make better decisions, execute with precision and accelerate growth. We support client organizations through three service areas:

Advisory Services