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Sales Operations Strategies

More-informed b-to-b buyers are challenging sales reps to align their sales process to the buying process. Sales operations must create and analyze sales data in real time to predict changes in the market and show sales leadership how to adjust in order to stay competitive.

Sales Operations Strategies™ (SOS) from SiriusDecisions provides the best practice research, benchmarking data, analytic models and thought leadership necessary to leverage and enhance your existing sales strategy and increase efficiency. SOS delivers objective data and intelligence and provides thought-provoking research on industry trends, cutting-edge tactics and measurement strategies.

Operational Intelligence

  • Compare key benchmark metrics, such as pipeline ratios and sales expense, with peer companies from the SiriusIndex of Fortune 500s and SMBs
  • Learn how best practice sales organizations use intelligent data analysis to improve sales processes and forecast accuracy
  • Understand the latest tools and technologies that can support the administrative components within a sales cycle

Representative Coverage Areas

  • Sales operations – Learn how sales operations can be a proactive sales enabler rather than just a numbers-cruncher
  • Sales planning – Understand the key areas of strategic planning that best-in-class organizations use
  • Sales process – Create a best-in-class sales process that aligns the buying process and drives effective opportunity management
  • Sales and marketing integration – Understand the alignment strategies that best practice organizations are using to enhance lead flow and improve client messaging
  • Sales technologies – Learn which technology and service providers are automating key procedures 

Representative Models

  • Sales and Marketing Framework – Models the 12 required sub-functions for reputation, demand creation and sales optimization strategies
  • Sales Operations Assessment Model/Productivity Map – Tools and processes to identify opportunities for sales operations and address its impact
  • Sales Pipeline Dynamics – Framework to improve the validity of revenue-based pipeline/forecast models and develop a productivity-based perspective 
  • Sales Technology Value –  Assesses the cost and value of currently deployed sales technology applications with the process to improve current capabilities and prioritize incremental sales technology investments
  • Inside Sales Framework – Provides models of the six sub-functions of inside sales that are essential to effective lead development and demand management

How We Can Help

SiriusDecisions empowers the world's leading marketing, product and sales leaders to make better decisions, execute with precision and accelerate growth. We support client organizations through three service areas:

Advisory Services