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Learning Curriculum

Below is our full offering of courseware within our course catalog. Select the course you wish to purchase a seat in by clicking the corresponding "Learn More" link. Follow the instructions on the subsequent pages to complete your purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing multiple seats in our courseware, please contact your SiriusDecisions Sales representative for more information.


Buyer Personas

Comprehend how to identify and leverage target buyer persona insight to improve product design, market requirement definition (MRD), messaging, content, and campaign strategy. Coverage includes how to define b-to-b persona attributes, create a buyer persona profile, and create an action plan and timeline for piloting a persona project.
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Principles of Inbound Marketing

Learn how to overcome the shift that has occurred in the buyer's journey through the creation of an inbound marketing strategy more suited to today's market. Coverage includes in depth look at the four foundational inbound marketing elements that must be considered, tips for improving conversions on websites, and how to create messaging to resonate with target personas at each phase of the buyer's journey.
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Principles of Marketing Automation: Development and Operations

Learn the key responsibilities that a marketing automation platform requires, its optimal level of centralization and its placement within an organization. Coverage includes an outline of the steps required to manage the marketing automation execution process.
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Foundations for Best Practices in Demand Creation

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the six foundational concepts required for any marketer or sales professional who impacts demand creation (demand type, relative targeting, lead taxonomy, original demand waterfall and rearchitected demand waterfall, portfolio marketing, and buying cycle).
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Best Practices in B-to-B Lead Nurturing

Dive deep into each of the three nurturing types including the processes, resources, and collaboration between marketing and sales that are required for implementation. Coverage includes frameworks for mapping messages, offers, touches, and information collection.
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Messaging and Campaign Planning

Learn how to deliver campaigns that support the buyer's journey and sales needs using a logical, comprehensive framework for message and plan development.
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Best Practices in B-to-B Pipeline Acceleration

Gain insight into what collaborative pipeline acceleration is and why it is necessary. This course also includes a deep dive into the three different types of collaborative pipeline acceleration and the phases, tactics, performance measurement and the collaboration between tele, sales and marketing that is required for implementation. Learn More »

Effective Account-Based Marketing

Understand how to deliver account-based marketing to support three key sales models: Large/Strategic Account, Named Account, and Current Account (Existing Customer). Coverage includes account profiling, selection, plan development, and measurement.
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Core Concepts in Channel Partner Marketing

Gain a detailed look into the four required components (demand type, buying cycle, portfolio marketing and measurement) to help Channel Partners create effective marketing programs. Coverage includes best practice frameworks and processes for successful demand generation, strategy execution and implementation.
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Essentials of Product Marketing and Management

Learn the details of the components of SiriusDecisions Product Marketing and Management Model (PMM Model). This course details a workflow process that aligns product, marketing and sales when bringing a new or existing offering to market.
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Marketing Measurement in Action

Learn how to understand and interpret the most important demand creation measures and details to predict future results and improve execution. 
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Foundations of B-to-B Social Media

Develop a best-practice personal approach to b-to-b social media based on the fundamentals of monitoring, engaging, driving awareness, and ultimately creating demand using social tools.
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Lead Scoring Fundamentals

Learn the benefits of developing an effective lead scoring infrastructure and the roles, responsibilities and steps required for developing a lead scoring model. Coverage includes the six steps for rolling out the model to your organization and the process for measuring results once it has been implemented. 
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Social Selling

Gain insight into social selling and how it integrates into the sales cycle and your sales strategies. Coverage includes how to manage your personal brand on social media, how to use social for researching industries, prospects, and competition, and to influence and engage with buyers.
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Learning Cirriculum

7 Ways to Revamp Your Website

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