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Five Tips for Shorter, More Impactful Advocacy Assets

Once upon a time, when the world seemed to spin a bit more slowly and there were significantly fewer distractions, marketers were able to create tome-like customer case studies that went to great lengths (literally) to extol the value that customers were receiving from their company’s products and solutions. Well-constructed and comprehensive, these success stories were chock full of value and seemed to contain everything a potential customer would ever want to know about what it would be like to own the product or solution. Well, times have changed. As most marketers have found out the hard way, customers and prospects no longer have the time to review lengthy case studies. Rather, these time-starved folks want just the facts, and they prefer that marketers get to the point in as few words as possible. The challenge for modern marketers is to adjust their advocacy strategy with an eye toward brevity. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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Customer Experience Is the New Demand Creation

If you knew the one thing that would make the biggest difference in closing deals, you would use it, right? As it turns out, very few companies do. Let’s change that. In a recent post, my colleague Lisa Singer shared data from our 2013 persona study highlighting what factors senior-level decisionmakers trust most when choosing a vendor. About 80 percent of these relate directly to customer experience – either the buyer’s customer experience (previous experience with the vendor) or someone else’s customer experience (vendor-provided references, opinions of internal and external colleagues). The remaining 20 percent, although not labeled as such, are also tied to customer experience – e.g. brand perception, which is built on customers’ collective experience, and relationship with sales, which is a personal aspect of customer experience.

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How Managers Can Encourage Customer-Focused Behavior

Market-oriented. Customer-focused. User-centric. These are terms you've likely used or heard others use at your company. And for good reason – there is plenty of evidence that a customer-driven orientation increases the likelihood of success. When we speak with product marketing and product management leaders, we hear these terms a lot, though often it's in this context: "My product managers and marketers are too inward-facing. They need to be more customer-oriented." Of course, when we probe, we find that the problem is often not the product managers or marketers – it's the executives and leaders. We may see underlying causes like these:

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