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“The value we get from SiriusDecisions is around specific tactical advice for our demand generation campaigns. We made our money back in the membership on one campaign.” – Shakeel Bharmal, general manager, Purolator Global Chain Services

SiriusDecisions' Executive Advisory Services are membership-driven and role-based. They are built to provide senior-level business-to-business executives with the sales and marketing operational insight required to improve topline performance. By combining thought leadership, benchmark data, analytic tools, best practices and access to a peer and analyst network, members quickly receive the critical insight they need to make decisions effectively.

Executive Advisory Services enable decision-makers to leverage third-party information and ideas to better align sales and marketing efforts and to generate predictable revenue. Members access this information via email, telephone, events and a self-service research portal.

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Below, please find a list of recently published research.

Communication's Impact on the Buyer's Journey: C-Level Personas

In this brief, we highlight findings from SiriusDecisions research into C-level buyer personas that demonstrate the impact of activities frequently executed by communications on the three phases of the buyer’s journey.

Product, Solution and Industry Marketing: Roles and Responsibilities

In this brief, we focus on 12 activities where product, solution and industry marketing roles overlap or differ in order to illustrate the proper areas of focus for each function.

The SiriusDecisions Content Model: Audience Framework

In this brief, we take a deep dive into the audience stage of the SiriusDecisions Content Model and explain how to define targeted audience segments in order to guide content strategy and production.

Core Strategy Report
Account-Based Marketing Toolkit

In this SiriusDecisions Core Strategy Report, we introduce the SiriusDecisions ABM toolkit, and describe how it facilitates the process of executing three of the four ABM types: large account, named account and industry.

Partner Demand Services: Last-Mile Execution Support

In this brief, we describe four types of channel demand services that are typically delivered by last-mile execution resources in local geographies.

Sales Productivity: Reducing Non-Core Selling Time

In this brief, we present a three-step approach for sales operations to evaluate and streamline non-core selling activities.

The SiriusDecisions Integrated Measurement Framework

In this brief, we introduce the SiriusDecisions Integrated Measurement Framework, a guide to selecting metrics and organizing performance reporting across sales, marketing and product functions.

Partner Demand Services: Regional

In this brief, we describe five types of channel demand services that are typically provided by regional (or business unit) channel marketing resources.

The SiriusDecisions Field Marketing Maturity Model

In this brief, we introduce the SiriusDecisions Field Marketing Maturity Model and describe how it can be used to assess the maturity of the field marketing function and identify areas for continued investment and optimization.

The SiriusDecisions Channel Marketing Maturity Model

In this brief, we introduce the SiriusDecisions Channel Management Maturity Model and describe how it can be used to evaluate a channel marketing function.

The Field Sales Board: Formation and Best Practices

In this brief, we describe best practices for establishing and maintaining a field sales board, as well as the benefits that a field sales board can provide to sales and marketing.

Messaging by Demand Type: New Concept

In this brief, we provide instructions on how to adjust persona-based messaging during each stage of the SiriusDecisions Buying Cycle when the demand type for an offering is new concept.

Public Relations on a Global Scale: Key Factors to Consider

In this brief, we review the external and internal factors that organizations should consider when deciding how to support global public relations, as well as the pros and cons of three different approaches.

Best Practices for Conducting a Process Audit

In this brief, we explain a three-step process for performing an audit of a b-to-b organization’s processes and activities in order to identify the areas with the greatest opportunity for improvement.

Mapping Competencies: Marketing Operations

In this brief, we define basic, intermediate and advanced competencies across six core disciplines of marketing operations.

Agile vs. Waterfall Development: A Product Management Guide

In this brief, we examine criteria for deciding which approach is appropriate for a product development effort, as well as considerations that apply to both.

Identifying Dimensions for Market Segmentation

In this brief, we group segmentation dimensions into three categories - common/easy to obtain, less common/more difficult to obtain and least common/most difficult to obtain - and discuss how and when dimensions from each category should be used.

Communicating the Value of Account-Based Marketing to Sales

In this brief, we outline a three-step process for ABM teams to communicate with sales constituents and foster successful collaboration between marketing and sales efforts focusing on a defined universe of accounts.

Measuring Product Satisfaction

In this brief, we examine how and when to measure product satisfaction to provide insight into customer needs and potential product enhancements.

Planning an Effective Sales Incentive Program

In this brief, we outline best practices for designing and implementing a sales incentive program that aligns with corporate objectives, engages the sales organization and achieves desired results.

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