Demand Creation Strategies

One of marketing's most critical roles is to develop demand. Through a combination of business processes, integrated marketing campaigns and lead development tools, a demand center must be established to drive demand in quantifiable measures and to clearly demonstrate the impact on topline revenue.

Demand creation is constantly evolving, and requires unique operational insight to ensure that all its elements are fully optimized. New strategies, technologies and tactics are available for marketing evaluation; best practices are ready and waiting to be explored and implemented; benchmark data is a necessity to demonstrate the success of the demand center against industry peers; and finally, innovative strategies should be considered to effectively integrate with and optimize sales.

Demand Creation Strategies™ (DCS) from SiriusDecisions provides senior marketing management with operational intelligence on demand creation to support today's strategic and tactical lead development initiatives. DCS compliments Executive Edge™, our flagship advisory service, by combining benchmark data on lead development, analytic decision models designed to assist in the evaluation of your lead development programs, and thought-provoking research to support effective decision-making.

DCS research focuses on industry best practices, vendor evaluations, practical analysis of the demand creation process, and cutting-edge strategies that are driving best-in-class marketing organizations. Key questions DCS addresses include:


  • Which are the most appropriate vendors your organization should consider?
  • What are the key strategic strengths and weaknesses of these vendors? 

Best Practices:

  • How are best practice companies approaching lead development?
  • What conversion rates are industry standard and what are best practices?
  • What lead-to-close ratios do high-growth companies achieve?


  • What strategies and tactics do other like companies use to generate and develop leads?
  • How does your cost per lead compare to your peers?
  • How does your marketing mix compare?


  • How can sales and marketing effectively work together to develop leads?
  • How should a lead be defined? 


  • What tools are available to analyze your demand creation issues?
  • What is the right inside sales model to consider?
  • What does an integrated sales and marketing model look like?
  • What are the elements of the demand center?

Incorporating DCS into your workflow is easy. Interact with SiriusDecisions research analysts in the manner that suits your needs. You may contact our analysts by phone, send an inquiry by e-mail or participate in interactive webcasts and in-person forums with analysts and peers. You will also have access to published research, presentations and rich media-based content on demand via the client portal.

Research: SiriusDecisions offers a variety of research formats to deliver a comprehensive view of today's most pressing sales and marketing issues:

  • Research Briefs: Monthly research notes that frame executive-level sales and marketing issues in a concise layout. Three to four briefs are delivered to you each month, and are archived on the research portal.
  • SiriusPerspectives: A monthly newsletter in a concise layout that provides a high-level overview of a sales and marketing topic dealing with demand creation, sales optimization or reputation development.
  • Vendor Profiles: Reviews of emerging suppliers who may be beneficial to your demand creation efforts. SiriusDecisions also plots suppliers on our vendor matrices, allowing you to analyze and narrow your choices.
  • Core Strategy Reports: Provides key observations and commentary on SiriusDecisions presentations introducing critical models, frameworks and strategies. Tackles more complex sales and marketing issues, and introduces new areas of research in a white paper format.
  • SiriusTools: Frameworks, models and issues spectrums that allow you to more easily visualize and communicate your challenges, and to determine the most appropriate courses of action.
  • Rich Media: Webcast archives in rich media format that can be replayed at your convenience, shared with team members or used for training purposes. 

Analyst Inquiry: Interacting with SiriusDecisions' DCS analysts is as easy as picking up the phone or scheduling a meeting. Discussions with an analyst may be centered on best practices, a review of data from a SiriusDecisions analytic tool or a review of vendors you may be considering.

Annual Lead Audit: Every year, SiriusDecisions analysts will benchmark your lead development performance against our SiriusIndex of business-to-business companies and provide an independent perspective on the industry and your performance compared with companies like yours.

Events: Peer interaction is a valuable way to understand how others are solving similar issues, and an opportunity for you to build your network of peer connections. As a member of DCS you may attend monthly webinars and quarterly half-day research forums, and receive client pricing for all SiriusDecisions conferences.

Below, please find a partial list of recently published DCS research.

The SiriusDecisions Field Marketing Maturity Model

In this brief, we introduce the SiriusDecisions Field Marketing Maturity Model and describe how it can be used to assess the maturity of the field marketing function and identify areas for continued investment and optimization.

Pre-MQL Nurture Flows: Where Phone and Email Intersect

In this brief, we apply the pillars of lead nurture strategy introduced in the SiriusDecisions Lead Nurturing Framework (entry, treatment, transition and disposition) to two pre-marketing-qualified-lead (pre-MQL) nurture scenarios - marketing lead qualification and teleprospecting lead generation - where phone and email activities naturally intersect.

Conducting a Content Process Gap Analysis

In this brief, we describe how to apply the SiriusDecisions Content Gap Analysis to identify areas of strength or weakness and begin moving toward a more optimized state.

Core Strategy Report
Crafting the Ideal Marketing Mix

In this SiriusDecisions Core Strategy Report, we introduce a new methodology for planning a marketing mix based on what matters most to the buying audience.

Persona-Based Web Strategy: Key Success Factors

In this brief, the second in a series on using personas to attract, engage and qualify a target audience to a b-to-b Web site, we describe required, recommended and best-in-class elements of a persona-based WCO strategy.

First 90 Days: Field Marketing Leader

In this brief, we outline a field marketing leader’s key activities for the first 90 days in the role and reference relevant SiriusDecisions research to ease the transition.

Removing Obstacles to Recycled Lead Nurturing

In this brief, we describe the symptoms of a lead management black hole and identify obstacles to resolving this issue with an active or passive recycled lead nurturing program.

Outsourcing Search Marketing: Key Considerations

In this brief, we present four sets of criteria to consider when trying to choose the right search marketing partner.

Voodoo Analytics: Tactic Attribution

In this brief, we explain tactic attribution, share the challenges inherent in its use and misuse, and identify a narrow set of circumstances in which it can be used effectively.

Structuring a European Demand Creation Teleservices Function

In this brief, we provide a four-step process for deciding which of three structures to use for a Europe-based demand creation teleservices function.

The Sirius Directions in Technology Model

In this brief, we will discuss the model’s four main technology categories, and how the different types of tools within each category can positively impact sales and marketing as well as corporate goals.

Email Marketing in Europe: Best Practices for Compliance and Effectiveness

In this brief, we review current requirements affecting email communication in the European Union, provide guidance on creating and managing opt-in email lists, and explain how email sent only to opt-in contacts can still provide an effective communication channel.

Mobile Web Sites vs. Responsive Web: Choosing the Right Approach

In this brief, we provide guidance for marketers seeking to decide if responsive Web design or a mobile Web site is the best solution for their needs.

Social Selling Diagnostic Model: Demand

In this brief, we examine the behaviors, knowledge, skills and processes that reps need to conduct online coversations with buyers that create demand and expand relationships.

The SiriusDecisions Social Demand Tactics Framework

In this brief, we describe the SiriusDecisions Social Demand Framework, a tool designed to help organizations understand how social media should be integrated into their demand creation program mix.

Field and Regional Marketing: Building Global Influence

In this brief, we describe a three-part process that dispersed marketing functions can use to build and maintain influence with centralized global marketing.

The B-to-B Leader's Role in Supporting Customer Orientation

In this brief, we outline four types of support that leaders should provide to ensure that their staff members consistently engage in customer insight activities.


This SiriusDecisions vendor profile focuses on BAO, a teleservices provider whose services include market intelligence, account intelligence, contact discovery, appointment setting, telemarketing and sales support.

The Demand Balance Index: Modeling Output and Efficiency

In this brief, we explain how to use the demand balance index to model the output and efficiency of an organization’s various lead management processes.

Search: Optimize for Your Buyer, Not the Engine

In this brief, we describe key trends impacting search optimization strategy, best practices for analyzing persona search behavior, and how to apply persona-based search tactics to attract Web site traffic with high conversion potential.

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