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When is product management not product management? When it’s product marketing, of course. We aren’t trying to be glib, but the reality is that far too many organizations continue to twist the roles and responsibilities of these related, yet different functions. It’s not surprising as to why; product marketing is usually borne out of product management, meaning that unless its evolution is distinct and complete, overlap and confusion reign.

The role of product marketing is evolving from a product-focused to a solutions-oriented function. This move toward solutions positioning in a b-to-b organization will have a significant impact on the legacy product marketing functions. While the range of tasks does not change much, the way in which they are carried out certainly does.

Product Marketing and Management™ (PMM) provides the best practice research, benchmarking data, analytic models and thought leadership on the definition, structure, and responsibilities of the product marketing and management functions, as well as their place in the marketing organization and their relationship to other business units. PMM delivers objective data and intelligence to compare and contrast your own efforts to peer organizations, and provides thought-provoking research on industry trends, best-in-class go-to-market strategies and budget and resource allocation data.


  • Compare how your product marketing organization stacks up against your peers
  • Understand the strategies, tactics and tools that best-practice organizations are using to ready products and services for the marketplace
  • Assess the impact of your product marketing and product management functions with models, tools and frameworks that will allow you to fine tune processes and linkages with other functions
  • Gain the latest insight and research from industry thought leaders on how the product marketing and management functions are evolving in the b-to-b environment


  • Strategy – Understand how the role of product marketing in the b-to-b environment is shifting from product-focused to solutions-oriented, and what is required to make the shift
  • Solution Marketing – Understand the evolutionary stages in the product to solutions shift; horizontal vs. vertical positioning; and alignment with reputation building and communications activities and with the sales readiness function
  • Demand Creation – Improve relative targeting and target market definitions and alignment with field marketing, and learn how to account-base market
  • Sales Readiness – Ensure you are equipping the sales function with the resources they need to effectively sell your portfolio of products and/or solutions into the market
  • Technology – Learn what solutions and services are available to aid the product marketing function in enabling sales readiness 


  • Solutions Model – details the requirements to move from stage to stage in the product to solutions evolution
  • Market Definition Bull’s Eye – a set of characteristics that combine to provide a thorough market assessment
  • Marketing Playbook Model – a four layered model on how marketing should develop playbooks
  • Account-Based Marketing – a perspective on why product marketing must be leveraged for current and key account marketing


Incorporating PMM into your workflow is easy. Interact with SiriusDecisions research analysts in the manner that suits your needs. You may contact our analysts by phone, send an inquiry by e-mail or participate in interactive webcasts and in-person forums with analysts and peers. You will also have access to published research, presentations and rich media-based content on demand via the client portal.


  • Research Briefs: Monthly research notes that frame executive-level sales and marketing issues in a concise layout. Three to four briefs are delivered to you each month, and are archived on the research portal.
  • SiriusPerspectives: A monthly newsletter in a concise layout that provides a high-level overview of a sales and marketing topic dealing with demand creation, sales optimization or reputation development.
  • Vendor Profiles: Reviews of emerging suppliers who may be beneficial to your demand creation efforts. SiriusDecisions also plots suppliers on our vendor matrices, allowing you to analyze and narrow your choices.
  • Core Strategy Reports: Provides key observations and commentary on SiriusDecisions presentations introducing critical models, frameworks and strategies. Tackles more complex sales and marketing issues, and introduces new areas of research in a white paper format.
  • SiriusTools: Frameworks, models and issues spectrums that allow you to more easily visualize and communicate your challenges, and to determine the most appropriate courses of action.
  • Rich Media: Webcast archives in rich media format that can be replayed at your convenience, shared with team members or used for training purposes.

Analyst Inquiry: Unlimited analyst inquiry privileges are offered as part of PMM membership; you can schedule analyst time via phone or email. Discussions often focus on best practices, data, analytic tools or vendor reviews.

Product Marketing Audit: Each year SiriusDecisions will benchmark your product marketing and management performance against our SiriusIndex™ of Fortune 500 and SMB companies, and provide an independent perspective of your performance compared with your peers.

Events: Peer interaction is a valuable way to understand how other are solving similar issues, and to build your network. PMM membership includes bimonthly Webcasts and quarterly half-day research forums, as well as discounted pricing on all SiriusDecisions conference.

Below, please find a partial list of recently published PMM research.

Product, Solution and Industry Marketing: Roles and Responsibilities

In this brief, we focus on 12 activities where product, solution and industry marketing roles overlap or differ in order to illustrate the proper areas of focus for each function.

The SiriusDecisions Content Model: Audience Framework

In this brief, we take a deep dive into the audience stage of the SiriusDecisions Content Model and explain how to define targeted audience segments in order to guide content strategy and production.

Messaging by Demand Type: New Concept

In this brief, we provide instructions on how to adjust persona-based messaging during each stage of the SiriusDecisions Buying Cycle when the demand type for an offering is new concept.

Agile vs. Waterfall Development: A Product Management Guide

In this brief, we examine criteria for deciding which approach is appropriate for a product development effort, as well as considerations that apply to both.

Identifying Dimensions for Market Segmentation

In this brief, we group segmentation dimensions into three categories - common/easy to obtain, less common/more difficult to obtain and least common/most difficult to obtain - and discuss how and when dimensions from each category should be used.

Measuring Product Satisfaction

In this brief, we examine how and when to measure product satisfaction to provide insight into customer needs and potential product enhancements.

Market Segmentation: Goals and Principles

In this brief, we review the goals of market segmentation and the principles that should be applied to define market segments.

Launch Team Composition and Governance

In this brief, we explain best practices for selecting launch team representatives from each stakeholder group, including the emerging practice of enlisting a project management office (PMO) to support the launch team.

Core Strategy Report
Developing the Industry Marketing Plan

In this SiriusDecisions Core Strategy Report, we provide a template and guidelines that industry marketing teams can use to develop and present an annual industry marketing plan.

Deciphering Results From Customer Research for Product Discovery

In this brief, we outline a five-step process to consolidate, analyze and identify insights from customer research for product discovery.

SaaS Development Priorities: Balancing Needs

In this brief, we describe a five-step process for prioritizing the diverse feedback and needs of SaaS buyer, customer and user audiences.

The SiriusDecisions Product Marketing Maturity Model

In this brief, we introduce the SiriusDecisions Product Marketing Maturity Model, and describe how it can be used to evaluate a product marketing organization within a business unit or central marketing organization.

Messaging by Demand Type: Established Market

In this brief, we provide instructions on how to adjust persona-based messaging during each stage of the SiriusDecisions Buying Cycle when the demand type for an offering is established market.

Building the Service Description

In this brief, we describe best practices for creating a service description, a key deliverable in the design stage of the cross-functional services development and delivery process.

Sorting Out Product Management and User Experience

In this brief, we discuss how product management and user experience responsibilities differ, and how the two groups must collaborate throughout the innovation process.

Introducing the SiriusDecisions Solution Decision Matrix

In this brief, we provide a step-by-step description of the SiriusDecisions Solution Decision Matrix, a tool designed to help organizations determine which solution approach is appropriate for them.

Solutions Model Deep Dive: Service

In this brief, we define five b-to-b service categories, best practices for developing them and risks to avoid.

Applying Agile Development Concepts to Product Strategy

In this brief, we look at best practices for applying agile concepts in the strategy phase of the Product Marketing and Management Model.

Solutions Model Deep Dive: Product

In this brief, we present best practices for developing and marketing products, outline interlock considerations, and explain how to resolve common product-specific challenges.

Product Management: Its Sales Enablement Roles and Responsibilities

Although salespeople and channel partners are the resources that close the deals in a b-to-b environment, product managers can provide a critical boost to their effectiveness. In this brief, we describe product management’s role and responsibilities with respect to sales enablement.

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