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Portfolio Marketing (PMKTG) provides research and advice on the definition, structure and responsibilities of the product, solution and industry marketing functions in b-to-b enterprises. We deliver the operational intelligence and decision support framework necessary for leaders driving their organizations' go-to-market strategies to succeed.

Our research focuses on innovation and go-to-market processes, best practices and the validation and advice you and your team need to drive awareness, demand creation and sales productivity for your offering or portfolio, whether it consists of products, services or solutions. Coverage areas include:

  • The SiriusDecisions Product Marketing and Management (PMM) Model™ – SiriusDecisions’ industry-recognized PMM Model assessment enables you to compare your activities, spend and organizational alignment against your peers, ensuring that you are focused on the right strategies and tactics to grow your business
  • Product-to-Solution Evolution – Leverage the SiriusDecisions Solutions Model and best practices to define a best-in-class go-to-market strategy
  • Sales Enablement – Devise the right tactics on how to transfer product/solution knowledge to the sales force and channel
  • Personas – Tap into SiriusDecisions studies on b-to-b buying behavior and C-level personas’ content and tactic preferences to inform your campaign and content strategies
  • Messaging – Understand the latest trends in messaging and content creation
  • Launch – Leverage detailed best-in-class processes, guides and tools for best-in-class product launch to increase chances of launch success


Interact with SiriusDecisions research analysts in the manner that suits your needs. You will receive ongoing support, learning, coaching, validation and up-skilling of your product, solution or industry marketing team through best practices research and phone-based inquiries with analyst experts.


  • Research Briefs: Three to four research notes are delivered to you each month and are archived on our client-only research portal, available 24x7.
  • Vendor Profiles: SiriusDecisions follows a full spectrum of marketing, sales and product vendors and technology to help in your purchasing decision process.
  • Core Strategy Reports: Key observations and commentary that address critical models, frameworks and strategies. Core Strategy Reports cover complex issues and introduce new areas of research in a white-paper format.
  • SiriusTools: Templates and Excel-based decision support tools that make it easy to apply SiriusDecisions frameworks and models.


  • Analyst Inquiry: Analyst inquiry privileges are offered as part of the Portfolio Marketing service and can be scheduled on an as-needed basis with our in-house analyst experts. These 50-minute phone-based discussions are scheduled through your account executive.
  • Annual Benchmark: Each year, SiriusDecisions will benchmark your spend levels and detailed program allocations against our SiriusIndex™ of b-to-b companies, providing you with an assessment of resource gaps and misalignments as well as insights into whether you are over- or under-spending.
  • Client Roundtables: Tap into an invitation-only peer network via quarterly half-day forums, virtual or onsite roundtables, as well as discounted pricing on all SiriusDecisions conferences.
  • Webcasts: Learn from hot-topic presentations that you can play at your convenience or share with team members for training and “lunch and learn” purposes.

Below, please find a partial list of recently published Portfolio Marketing research.

Product, Solution and Industry Marketing: Roles and Responsibilities

In this brief, we focus on 12 activities where product, solution and industry marketing roles overlap or differ in order to illustrate the proper areas of focus for each function.

The SiriusDecisions Content Model: Audience Framework

In this brief, we take a deep dive into the audience stage of the SiriusDecisions Content Model and explain how to define targeted audience segments in order to guide content strategy and production.

Messaging by Demand Type: New Concept

In this brief, we provide instructions on how to adjust persona-based messaging during each stage of the SiriusDecisions Buying Cycle when the demand type for an offering is new concept.

Creating a Thought Leadership Blog

In this brief, we outline best practices for creating a thought leadership blog as a component of a thought leadership strategy.

Market Segmentation: Goals and Principles

In this brief, we review the goals of market segmentation and the principles that should be applied to define market segments.

Launch Team Composition and Governance

In this brief, we explain best practices for selecting launch team representatives from each stakeholder group, including the emerging practice of enlisting a project management office (PMO) to support the launch team.

Core Strategy Report
Developing the Industry Marketing Plan

In this SiriusDecisions Core Strategy Report, we provide a template and guidelines that industry marketing teams can use to develop and present an annual industry marketing plan.

Messaging by Demand Type: New Paradigm

In this brief, we provide instructions on how to adjust persona-based messaging during each stage of the SiriusDecisions Buying Cycle when the demand type for an offering is new paradigm.

The SiriusDecisions Product Marketing Maturity Model

In this brief, we introduce the SiriusDecisions Product Marketing Maturity Model, and describe how it can be used to evaluate a product marketing organization within a business unit or central marketing organization.

Messaging by Demand Type: Established Market

In this brief, we provide instructions on how to adjust persona-based messaging during each stage of the SiriusDecisions Buying Cycle when the demand type for an offering is established market.

It Takes All (Opportunity) Types

In this brief, we introduce the concept of opportunity type and examine its impact across the marketing and sales ecosystem.

Inside the SiriusDecisions PMM Model: Launch

In this brief, we describe the launch-stage activities conducted by marketing, product management and sales.

The Sirius Directions in Technology Model

In this brief, we will discuss the model’s four main technology categories, and how the different types of tools within each category can positively impact sales and marketing as well as corporate goals.

Introducing the SiriusDecisions Solution Decision Matrix

In this brief, we provide a step-by-step description of the SiriusDecisions Solution Decision Matrix, a tool designed to help organizations determine which solution approach is appropriate for them.

Solutions Model Deep Dive: Service

In this brief, we define five b-to-b service categories, best practices for developing them and risks to avoid.

Solutions Model Deep Dive: Product

In this brief, we present best practices for developing and marketing products, outline interlock considerations, and explain how to resolve common product-specific challenges.

Creating a Business Unit Strategy Brief

In this brief, we provide a three-part outline for a business unit strategy brief that outlines go-to-market plans for key offerings and target markets.

Sorting Out Portfolio Marketing and Sales Enablement

In this brief, we define portfolio marketing and sales enablement, and discuss how the two groups must align to increase the effectiveness of the sales organization.

Crafting a Product or Solution Value Proposition

In this brief, we describe the components of a b-to-b value proposition and provide a worksheet for crafting these components into a statement that will ignite a spark of attraction between a buyer and a b-to-b offering.

The B-to-B Leader's Role in Supporting Customer Orientation

In this brief, we outline four types of support that leaders should provide to ensure that their staff members consistently engage in customer insight activities.

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