Sales Enablement Strategies

Sales enablement. Five years ago, it was just a buzzword in most sales organizations. Today it is a front-and-center function that plays a critical role in readying sales to succeed in an ever changing and increasingly challenging marketplace. While the goal of the sales enablement function is simple – to ensure that every seller has the required knowledge, skills, processes and behaviors to optimize every interaction with buyers – the execution of that goal is anything but.

Sales Enablement Strategies™ (SES) from SiriusDecisions provides benchmarking data, analytic models, access to domain experts, peer-to-peer networking and learning solutions that sales enablement leaders rely on to help build and execute sales strategies that result in increased productivity. SES delivers objective data and intelligence to compare and contrast your enablement efforts against peer organizations, and will help you prepare a roadmap for improvement and success.


  • Compare key benchmarks such as sales productivity, training spend and quota attainment from the SiriusIndex of Fortune 500 and SMB organizations.
  • Learn how best-in-class sales enablement teams are structured, funded and staffed.
  • Visualize and communicate your sales enablement challenges with frameworks, models and issue spectrums that allow you to determine the most appropriate course of action.
  • Understand the changes in the b-to-b marketplace and how to adapt your enablement efforts to capitalize on these changes.


  • Sales Enablement Structure – Understand how world-class sales organizations structure their sales enablement teams, and how they manage the critical intersection of sales enablement with other marketing and sales functions such as product and solution marketing, field marketing, sales operations and sales communications.
  • Role-Based Enablement – Learn how enablement efforts must be defined and tailored to meet specific needs to develop the emerging competencies of the entire field force, including sales managers, strategic account managers, territory reps and pre-sales engineers.
  • Sales Training – Learn how to assess your field force to identify gaps in skills, knowledge and processes, then leverage our expertise and knowledge of the sales training vendor landscape, cutting-edge delivery options and implementation best practices to ensure training becomes actionable.
  • Sales Tools – Understand how to select, design and deploy the latest selling tools such as playbooks and social media platforms that truly enable a field force and lead to gains in both efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Sales Enablement Measurement – Beyond revenue, learn how to use other metrics, such as sales certification programs, to measure, benchmark and track your enablement efforts.


  • Sirius Sales Enablement Model – Models the enablement structure required to execute on the services and deliverables needed by field force roles, including sales management, field sales and pre-sales engineers, and defines the critical interlink between product marketing, field marketing, sales operations, sales training and sales communications.
  • Role-Based Competency Models – Frameworks that identify the core and emerging competencies (knowledge, skills and behaviors) required for sales success today for the key roles in your sales organization – including complete job descriptions and interviewing guides.
  • Sales/Buying Process Mapping – Turns the traditional sales process map inside out to ensure that every stage in the sales process is aligned with key stages in the buyer’s journey; includes buyers’ knowledge inflection points and observable outcomes to accurately track opportunities.


Incorporating SES into your workflow is easy. Interact with SiriusDecisions research analysts in the manner that suits your needs. You may speak with our analysts by phone, send an inquiry via e-mail or participate in interactive webcasts and in-person forums with analysts and peers. You will also have access to published research, presentations and rich media-based content on demand via the client portal.


  • Research Briefs: Monthly research notes that frame executive-level sales and marketing issues in a concise layout. Three to four briefs are delivered to you each month, and are archived on the research portal.
  • SiriusPerspectives: A monthly newsletter in a concise layout that provides a high-level overview of a sales and marketing topic dealing with demand creation, sales optimization or reputation development.
  • Vendor Profiles: Reviews of emerging suppliers who may be beneficial to your demand creation efforts. SiriusDecisions also plots suppliers on our vendor matrices, allowing you to analyze and narrow your choices.
  • Core Strategy Reports: Provides key observations and commentary on SiriusDecisions presentations introducing critical models, frameworks and strategies. Tackles more complex sales and marketing issues, and introduces new areas of research in a white paper format.
  • SiriusTools: Frameworks, models and issues spectrums that allow you to more easily visualize and communicate your challenges, and to determine the most appropriate courses of action.
  • Rich Media: Webcast archives in rich media format that can be replayed at your convenience, shared with team members or used for training purposes. 

Analyst Inquiry: Unlimited analyst inquiry privileges are offered as part of SES membership; you can schedule analyst time via phone or email. Discussions often focus on best practices, data, analytic tools or vendor reviews.

Sales Enablement Audit: Compare your organization’s enablement efforts to those of your peers. Our Sales Enablement Audit will look at sales enablement structure, including personnel spend, as well as sales representative efficiency and areas for improvement. The audit will also review training spend and trends, tools deployed in best-in-class enablement organizations, and key enablement metrics to track enablement efforts.

Events: Peer interaction is a valuable way to understand how others are solving similar issues, and to build your network. SES membership includes bimonthly Webcasts and quarterly half-day research forums, as well as discounted pricing on all SiriusDecisions conferences.

Below, please find a partial list of recently published SES research.

The Field Sales Board: Formation and Best Practices

In this brief, we describe best practices for establishing and maintaining a field sales board, as well as the benefits that a field sales board can provide to sales and marketing.

Establishing a Sales Mentoring Program

In this brief, we explain the components of a well-structured sales mentoring program and outline the required preparations for mentors and mentees.

Creating a Thought Leadership Blog

In this brief, we outline best practices for creating a thought leadership blog as a component of a thought leadership strategy.

Best Practices for Sales Onboarding

In this brief, we describe four sets of best practices to accelerate reps’ sales skill growth, increase their product knowledge and acclimate them to their new company.

Opportunity Type Sales Strategies: Existing Customers

In this brief, we explore sales strategies to consider when selling to existing customers, including factors that impact which approach is best to take.

Opportunity Type Sales Strategies: New Buyers

In this brief, we describe strategies for selling to new buyers based on their status in the buying cycle and the rep’s assessment of qualification criteria.

Messaging by Demand Type: New Paradigm

In this brief, we provide instructions on how to adjust persona-based messaging during each stage of the SiriusDecisions Buying Cycle when the demand type for an offering is new paradigm.

The SiriusDecisions Sales Operations Maturity Model

In this brief, we introduce the SiriusDecisions Sales Operations Maturity Model, and describe how it can be used to evaluate a sales operations function.

It Takes All (Opportunity) Types

In this brief, we introduce the concept of opportunity type and examine its impact across the marketing and sales ecosystem.

The SiriusDecisions Sales Enablement Maturity Model

In this brief, we introduce the SiriusDecisions Sales Enablement Maturity Model and describe how it can be used to evaluate a sales enablement function.

Sales Productivity: Optimizing the Enablement Quadrant

In this brief, we describe sales rep activities in the enablement quadrant and explain how to streamline them in order to improve sales productivity.

The Sirius Directions in Technology Model

In this brief, we will discuss the model’s four main technology categories, and how the different types of tools within each category can positively impact sales and marketing as well as corporate goals.

Data Requirements for Account-Based Marketing

In this brief, we discuss what data is required to kick off an ABM program and how b-to-b marketing and sales teams can use our ABM data requirements template to make progress toward ABM maturity.

Sales Enablement: Gathering Feedback from the Field

In this brief, we outline the types of feedback that can be collected from sales reps and examine three feedback collection methods.

Sales Enablement and Content Operations: Building the Relationship

In this brief, we dscribe the sales content responsibilities for sales enablement and content operations, and share some key content management best practices.

Social Selling Diagnostic Model: Demand

In this brief, we examine the behaviors, knowledge, skills and processes that reps need to conduct online coversations with buyers that create demand and expand relationships.

Sorting Out Portfolio Marketing and Sales Enablement

In this brief, we define portfolio marketing and sales enablement, and discuss how the two groups must align to increase the effectiveness of the sales organization.

Sales Enablement: Key Roles and Responsibilities

In this brief, we describe key roles and responsibilities for a dedicated sales enablement function.


This SiriusDecisions vendor profile focuses on BAO, a teleservices provider whose services include market intelligence, account intelligence, contact discovery, appointment setting, telemarketing and sales support.

First 90 Days: The Sales Enablement Leader

In this brief, we outline the sales enablement leader’s key activities for the first 90 days in the role, and reference relevant SiriusDecisions research to ease the transition.

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