Sales Operations Strategies

B-to-b sales is not getting any easier. A more informed buyer is challenging salespeople to better align their sales process to the buying process. Sales operations must create and analyze sales data in real time to predict changes in the market and show sales leadership how to adjust in order to stay competitive. Understanding how best-practice sales organizations analyze and trend their business in order to provide quality thought leadership is necessary to support the critical decisions that sales leaders must make.

Sales Operations Strategies™ (SOS) from SiriusDecisions provides the best practice research, benchmarking data, analytic models and thought leadership necessary to leverage and enhance your existing sales strategy and increase efficiency. SOS delivers objective data and intelligence to compare and contrast your own efforts to peer organizations, and provides thought-provoking research on industry trends, cutting-edge tactics and measurement strategies.


  • Compare key benchmark metrics such as pipeline ratios and sales expense with peer companies from the SiriusIndex of Fortune 500s and SMBs
  • Learn how best practice sales organizations use intelligent data analysis to improve sales processes and forecast accuracy
  • Visualize and communicate your sales operations challenges with frameworks, models and issue spectrums that allow you to determine the most appropriate course of action
  • Understand the latest tools and technologies that can support the administrative components within a sales cycle


  • Sales Operations – Learn how sales operations can be a proactive sales enabler rather than just a numbers cruncher
  • Sales Planning – Understand the key areas of strategic planning that best-in-class organizations use
  • Sales Process – Create a best-in-class sales process that is aligned to the buying process and drives more effective opportunity management
  • Sales and Marketing Integration – Understand the alignment strategies that best practice organizations are using to systematically enhance lead flow and improve client messaging
  • Sales Technologies – Learn which technology and service providers are automating key procedures to maximize selling time


  • Sales and Marketing Framework – Models the 12 required sub-functions in today’s b-to-b environment that play a significant role in the generation of reputation, demand creation and sales optimization
  • Sales Operations Assessment Model/Productivity Map – Tools and processes to assess the impact of and identify opportunities for sales operations
  • Sales Pipeline Dynamics – Framework to improve the validity of revenue-based pipeline/forecast models and develop a productivity-based perspective that drives improvements to the quality and velocity of sales opportunities
  • Sales Technology Value – Framework that assesses the cost and value of currently deployed sales technology applications with the process to improve current capabilities and prioritize incremental sales technology investments
  • Inside Sales Framework – Provides models of the six sub-functions of inside sales that are essential to effective lead development and demand management


Incorporating SOS into your workflow is easy. Interact with SiriusDecisions research analysts in the manner that suits your needs. You may speak with our analysts by phone, send an inquiry via e-mail or participate in interactive webcasts and in-person forums with analysts and peers. You will also have access to published research, presentations and rich media-based content on demand via the client portal.


  • Research Briefs: Monthly research notes that frame executive-level sales and marketing issues in a concise layout. Three to four briefs are delivered to you each month, and are archived on the research portal.
  • SiriusPerspectives: A monthly newsletter in a concise layout that provides a high-level overview of a sales and marketing topic dealing with demand creation, sales optimization or reputation development.
  • Vendor Profiles: Reviews of emerging suppliers who may be beneficial to your demand creation efforts. SiriusDecisions also plots suppliers on our vendor matrices, allowing you to analyze and narrow your choices.
  • Core Strategy Reports: Provides key observations and commentary on SiriusDecisions presentations introducing critical models, frameworks and strategies. Tackles more complex sales and marketing issues, and introduces new areas of research in a white paper format.
  • SiriusTools: Frameworks, models and issues spectrums that allow you to more easily visualize and communicate your challenges, and to determine the most appropriate courses of action.
  • Rich Media: Webcast archives in rich media format that can be replayed at your convenience, shared with team members or used for training purposes. 

Analyst Inquiry: Unlimited analyst inquiry privileges are offered as part of SOS membership; you can schedule analyst time via phone or email. Discussions often focus on best practices, data, analytic tools or vendor reviews.

SiriusDecisions Sales Benchmark: The SiriusIndex of b-to-b companies captures multiple data elements across a vast set of organizations and serves as the foundation of our proprietary benchmark. Included in your SiriusDecisions membership is the opportunity to input your demographics, sales budget, pipeline data and process information through our benchmark survey for an in-depth comparison to your peer set in the SiriusIndex database.

Events: Peer interaction is a valuable way to understand how others are solving similar issues, and to build your network. SOS membership includes bimonthly Webcasts and quarterly half-day research forums, as well as discounted pricing on all SiriusDecisions conferences.

Below, please find a partial list of recently published SOS research.

Sales Productivity: Reducing Non-Core Selling Time

In this brief, we present a three-step approach for sales operations to evaluate and streamline non-core selling activities.

Planning an Effective Sales Incentive Program

In this brief, we outline best practices for designing and implementing a sales incentive program that aligns with corporate objectives, engages the sales organization and achieves desired results.

Best Practices for Sales Onboarding

In this brief, we describe four sets of best practices to accelerate reps’ sales skill growth, increase their product knowledge and acclimate them to their new company.

B-to-B Sales: Roles and Responsibilities

In this brief, we define key b-to-b sales roles, their responsibilities, reporting structure, success metrics and compensation guidelines.

Sales Operations: Project Success Factors

In this brief, we describe three sets of best practices that sales operations should apply to ensure project success.

Sales Analytics: A Role-Based Approach

In this brief, we define the types of analysis that sales operations can provide for three key sales roles - sales leaders, first-line managers and sales reps - to complement their judgment and experience and enable more effective, fact-based decisions.

Investing in Sales Operations: How Much and How Many?

In this brief, we present findings from SiriusDecisions benchmark research that show how companies in five revenue bands invest in sales operations and related processes, metrics and tools.

Sales Operations: Project Prioritization Matrix

In this brief, we present a project prioritization matrix that sales operations leaders can use to evaluate and rank potential projects.

The SiriusDecisions Sales Operations Maturity Model

In this brief, we introduce the SiriusDecisions Sales Operations Maturity Model, and describe how it can be used to evaluate a sales operations function.

It Takes All (Opportunity) Types

In this brief, we introduce the concept of opportunity type and examine its impact across the marketing and sales ecosystem.

The Sirius Directions in Technology Model

In this brief, we will discuss the model’s four main technology categories, and how the different types of tools within each category can positively impact sales and marketing as well as corporate goals.

Strategic Account Programs: The Role of Sales Operations

In this brief, we define the processes, tools and metrics that sales operations leaders must deploy to support strategic account programs.

Sales Enablement: Gathering Feedback from the Field

In this brief, we outline the types of feedback that can be collected from sales reps and examine three feedback collection methods.

Strategic Account Plans: Assessment and Scoring

In this brief, we present a scorecard and best practices for assessing strategic account plans.

First 90 Days: Chief Sales Officer

In this brief, we outline key activities that a new CSO must complete during his or her first 90 days in the role, and reference relevant SiriusDecisions research to ease the transition.

Strategic Account Plans: Eight Critical Components

In this brief, we define eight required components of a strategic account plan that leads to a deeper understanding of the customer’s business, a roadmap to coordinate the sales approach and an executable plan for a long-term relationship that maximizes account revenue.

Operationalizing the Sales Quarterly Business Review

In this brief, we identify four sets of best practices that sales operations can use to develop and lead quarterly business revews (QBRs) that produce valuable insights and decisions.

The B-to-B Leader's Role in Supporting Customer Orientation

In this brief, we outline four types of support that leaders should provide to ensure that their staff members consistently engage in customer insight activities.

The Demand Balance Index: Modeling Output and Efficiency

In this brief, we explain how to use the demand balance index to model the output and efficiency of an organization’s various lead management processes.

First 90 Days: The Sales Operations Leader

In this brief, we outline a sales operations leader’s key activities for the first 90 days in the role, and reference relevant SiriusDecisions research to ease the transition.

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