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As part of our ongoing efforts to bring you the latest research, insights and trends throughout the b-to-b space, SiriusDecisions is conducting a series of surveys focused on unveiling the intricate details of how to better align sales, marketing and product

All Participants will receive an executive summary of survey results. Registrants of SiriusDecisions Summit 2013 will receive an insider's look into what this data reveals.

Surveys updated daily, please choose from the below options:

SiriusDecisions 2013 Innovation Investment ResearchMaking the right investments in the right new and existing products is key to any company’s success. How do organizations go about making decisions on what products to invest in and prioritize them? What criteria are used to evaluate opportunities and measure success? This comprehensive research study seeks to understand trends and best practices in this area.

Sales Enablement ROI StudyThe ultimate measurement of your sales enablement efforts is revenue. But revenue is a “rear view” measurement and does not provide a complete story on the effectiveness of enablement activities. Best-in-class sales enablement organizations collect a series of measurements that help provide a more complete view of their ROI. SiriusDecisions is conducting a first-of-its-kind study across the b-to-b landscape to understand and quantify what those measurements are.

Understanding Sales Metrics: Strategic Analytics and KPIsSiriusDecisions is conducting research into the analytics strategies, tools and metrics b-to-b companies are deploying. The goal of this survey is to understand if companies currently have an analytics strategy, what applications or service they are using to measure sales and the usage and value of current key performance indicators, descriptive metrics and predictive analytics.

Identifying Effective High Performance Sales PracticesHelping sales become more effective is a challenge that every B2B organization wrestles with. SiriusDecisions is conducting research into factors that influence sales performance in b-to-b companies The goal of the study is to understand what characterizes high performance sales teams and what are the most effective sales and marketing approaches in terms of skills, knowledge transfer, processes and tools.

Marketing and Sales Operations CollaborationSiriusDecisions is conducting research into the collaboration between sales and marketing operations functions in b-to-b companies. The goal of the study is to understand the current state of collaboration around planning, reporting, pipeline management, and data management between the sales operations and marketing operations teams. The study will also examine the organizational alignment between the two functions.

The Impact of Data Management Upon Demand Effectiveness: Marketers have a hard time assessing what an increased focus on contact data quality can mean for the effectiveness of their marketing efforts – most specifically in the area of demand creation. This quantitative research study will aim to associate data quality with demand creation effectiveness, and identify the activities and investments associated with best in class performers.

2013 Demand Creation Waterfall Survey: The SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall is a schematic that represents a shared view between marketing and sales of the health of an organization’s new-business-related activities. Best-in-class b-to-b organizations have adopted SiriusDecisions’ demand waterfall as the standard for measuring and optimizing their demand creation efforts. In 2012, the waterfall was rearchitected to reflect a more complete view of the journey that demand takes from cold to close, as well as the different points at which it originates. The purpose of this study is to capture conversion ratios as leads progress through a series of defined waterfall stages, and then determine a composite of what best-in-class performance looks for different types of b-to-b businesses.

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