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Foundations for Best Practices in Demand Creation

By the end of this online course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the six, most important, foundational elements of best-practice demand creation and how you can utilize these elements to achieve marketing and sales alignment.

Course modules teach the skills and knowledge required to:

SiriusDecisions Learning Foundations Course Pie

  • Understand the type of demand you’re trying to create and what strategies to use as a result. (Demand Type module)
  • Pinpoint the target segments that have the highest propensity to purchase your product (Relative Targeting module).
  • Standardized lead definitions and prepare the elements of a successful lead-scoring model (Lead Taxonomy module).
  • Understand the journey that your prospect takes to purchase (Buying Cycle module).
  • Learn the core components of a multi-touch marketing strategy (Portfolio Marketing module).
  • Learn the metrics that sales and marketing can share to gauge the health of the funnel  (Demand Waterfall module).
  • Comprehend how the new stages and phases of the Rearchitected Demand Waterfall collectively reflect a more complete view of the journey demand takes from cold-to-close and the different points from which it originates (Rearchitected Demand Waterfall module).


Course Description

  • Online, on-demand.
  • Course format is Flash-based including: video, audio, interactive exercises, visual models, definitions, quizzes, downloadable templates, worksheets, process maps, and a final exam.
  • Approximately 1 hour of programmed content plus independent exercises.
  • Divided into 7 modules, or chapters.
  • Downloadable toolkit items (worksheets, summaries, process templates, research briefs, etc).


Who Should Participate:

Marketing team members in field marketing, marketing communications, marketing operations, demand center, customer marketing, global marketing, product marketing or other marketing functions that contribute to demand creation efforts.


Practical Application: What You Walk Away With

  • The skills to complete a demand type assessment for a specific product/service within your organization.
  • A relative targeting methodology that scores and ranks target segments' propensity to purchase based on internal and external factors.
  • A template for assigning lead attributes and a preliminary lead scoring model.
  • A 3-touch portfolio marketing process flow.
  • A strategy map for applying demand type to your buying cycle-based tactics.
  • A framework for assessing your demand waterfall conversion rates against industry standards.



Certification in "Foundations for Best Practices in Demand Creation” is available for participants who complete all elements of the course and pass the course’s final exam.


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