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Best Practices in B-to-B Lead Nurturing

This course provides the fundamental principles of b-to-b lead nurturing and tangible tactics for road-mapping your lead nurture plan.

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • Why systematic lead nurturing is a must given today‚Äôs b-to-b environment
  • Different types, or forms, that b-to-b nurturing can take including deep-dives on each nurture type: pre-marketing qualified lead (MQL), active recycled, passive recycled, and reconstituted
  • Responsibilities of marketing, sales and teleprospecting for each nurture type
  • Best practices to help you execute nurturing programs more effectively in your day-to-day job
  • Learn the core components of a multi-touch marketing strategy (Portfolio Marketing module).


Tools Include:

  • A strategic planning framework for nurturing that you can use to guide prospects through the buying cycle with aligned messages, offers, touches, tactics, and information collection
  • Process flow maps for each nurturing type that you can download and use to map your own nurturing strategies
  • Best practice checklists and step-by-step worksheets for auditing existing offers and building a multi-touch content strategy


Course Description

  • Online, on-demand.
  • Course includes final exam and opportunity for certification
  • Divided into 5 modules:
    • Module 1: An overview of lead nurturing
    • Module 2: Pre-MQL Nurturing
    • Module 3: Active Recycled Nurturing
    • Module 4: Passive Recycled Nurturing
    • Module 5: Reconstituted Nurturing
  • Participants can stop and re-start at anytime
  • Practical application tools and downloadable worksheets, summaries, process templates, etc.


Who Should Participate:

  • This course is designed for b-to-b marketers who are responsible for the planning or execution of a lead nurturing process
  • Marketing team members in field marketing, marketing communications, marketing operations, demand center, customer marketing, global marketing, product marketing, or other marketing functions that contribute to lead nurturing process



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