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Online Courses for the B-to-B Marketing Professional


Course Overview

Course What You'll Gain Key Takeaways

Foundations for Best Practices in Demand Creation

Comprehensive understanding of the six foundational concepts required for any marketer or sales professional who impacts demand creation.
  • Standardize lead definitions and prepare the elements of a successful lead-scoring model.
  • Understand the journey that your prospect takes to purchase.
  • Learn the core components of a multi-touch marketing strategy
  • Learn the metrics that sales and marketing can share to gauge the health of the funnel.
Best Practices in B-to-B Lead Nurturing Fundamental principles of lead-nurturing and tangible tactics for road-mapping your lead nuture plan.
  • The fundamental elements of a successful lead-nurture program--from a simple to intricate level of complexity.
  • A deep dive into each of the 3 nurturing types including the processes, resources and collaboration between marketing and sales that are required to implement each of them.
  • A strategic planning framework for nurturing that guides prospects through the buying cycle with aligned messages, offers, touches, tactics and information collection.
  • Examples of frameworks and nurture flow strategies to use as guiding templates for the 3 types of nurture.
Messaging and Campaign Planning A strategic framework for creating thematic, effective messaging and campaigns that align with the b-to-b buying process.
  • How to build a message and campaign framework that aligns with the b-to-b buying process.
  • How to create messaging to impact all aspects of the buyer's experience and marketing goals: i.e., seeding and creating demand, nurturing, enabling sales and building market intelligence.
  • Key trends in the marketing mix and strategies for creating consistency across multiple mediums.
  • A step-by-step process for converting existing campaigns into a multi-touch framework.
Pipeline Acceleration Proven methodologies for improving marketing contribution throughout the waterfall.
  • Gain a critical understanding of your Demand Type, Buying Cycle and Knowledge Inflection Points and how application of these theories contribute to pipeline acceleration.
  • Key trends affecting sales and why marketing's involvement in the bottom of the waterfall is critical.
  • How to implement stimulus offers that push late-stage pipeline deals toward closing.
  • How to create and implement enablement/acknowledge programs designed to help build sales competencies and break down barriers to close.
Account-Based Marketing Key principles required to build an ABM framework.
  • How to build, in conjunction with sales, an agreed upon set of common criteria that selects and scores candidates with the highest propensity for success.
  • How to apply the Account-Based Selection Framework to your organization.
  • How to maximize resources and assign specific roles and responsibilities on both the marketing and sales side to achieve successful account-based marketing results.
  • Comprehensive understanding of how to measure success for both Large Account Marketing (1 to 1) and Current Account Marketing (1 to many).

Essentials of Product Marketing and Management

Key attributes of the SiriusDecisions Product Marketing and Management Model (PMM Model) needed to communicate, adopt and integrate it into your organization.
  • Gain a high-level overview of the PMM Model, including the three phases of the model: (1) strategy, (2) execution, and (3) growth. 
  • How to effectively guide a core product team on the strategy required to work cross-functionally. 
  • How to execute effectively towards launch and growth initiatives in a manner that meets objectives, updates management on progress, and promotes growth. 
  • How to implement growth after a product is released into the marketplace in order to increase and retain customers by establishing loyalty and enhancing the offering. 
Core Concepts in Channel Marketing for Resellers Fundamental skills and knowledge required for an effective digital marketing plan for channel partners.
  • Learn the skills and knowledge required to create and execute an effective digital marketing plan for channel partners
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of fundamental concepts, program strategy and planning, and a step-by-step tactic and execution model that is ready-to-implement.
Marketing Measurement in Action Best practices for what marketing measurement needs to show, how to interpret the data and how to deliver.
  • How to take the data that is shown in the reporting and translate it into actionable advice for making good decisions to improve demand creation planning and execution.
  • How to comprehend tactic performance and then, in turn, how to utilize those measurements to improve demand creation outcomes.
Foundations of B-to-B Social Media Key attributes of the SiriusDecisions MEAD model and how to utilize it to develop a comprehensive social media strategy.
  • Key differences between B-to-C and B-to-B social media and implementation pitfalls to avoid.
  • ​A step-by-step strategy to effectively implement a social media monitoring strategy, from preparation to optimization.
Lead Scoring Fundamentals The importance of lead scoring within an organization for tighter sales and marketing alignment, how to build a lead scoring model, how to implement the model, and finally how to measure its impact.
  • Understand what lead scoring is, its’ benefits when effective, and its’ impact and importance across an organization.
  • ​Develop a lead scoring model through a step-by-step process.
  • Progressively implement a lead scoring model within an organization.
  • Measure the impact of your newly implemented lead scoring model.



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