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Announcing the Sales Asset Management SiriusView

February 25, 2016 | By Jill Stanek

  • The number of vendors in the sales asset management market is rapidly increasing
  • Sales asset management solutions help sales reps create, manage, package and distribute content effectively, but vendors’ offerings vary considerably
  • Our sales asset management SiriusView compares the capabilities of several leading sales asset management vendors

The number of vendors in the SAM market is increasing at an accelerated pace. Potential customers are looking to understand this highly competitive, explosive market. All SAM solutions are designed to help sales reps create, manage, package and distribute content effectively. However, vendors’ offerings vary considerably.

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The following are excerpts that provide a quick snapshot of when to consider each sales asset management vendor. Additional analysis is contained in the complete sales asset management (SAM) SiriusView.

Large organizations in highly regulated industries (e.g. financial services, healthcare, government) with strict compliance rules should evaluate Accent Technologies. Organizations with limited content compliance restrictions may benefit from a different vendor.

bigtincan is a cost-effective solution for content-rich organizations, especially those with compliance requirements. The offering is a mobile-first platform, with functionality that easily migrates between most mobile devices and desktops, depending on where the rep happens to be working. For organizations that have not leveraged mobile devices with their sales force and have no immediate plans to do so, or have an immature content operations function, buying this level of solution may be premature.

With its integration with Salesforce, Brainshark’s SAM solution should be considered by organizations that need the ability to manage and deliver sales asset usage primarily within the Salesforce platform. However, Brainshark is optimized for use within Salesforce and may not be a fit for companies that do not use Salesforce as their sales force automation (SFA) platform.

Organizations that currently use CallidusCloud sales performance management offerings – or are looking for a single vendor solution across multiple sales technologies – should have CallidusCloud on their short list of vendors. Organizations that use an alternative SFA solution may wish to explore alternatives in order to maximize integration.

With a heavy focus on collecting and analyzing data, this solution can help organizations that are looking for a robust analytical tool and consider content management a key concern. However, organizations that are not focused on analytics or content creation may find a better fit with other solutions.

With its emphasis on creating a strong sales rep experience, Highspot should be considered by organizations that prioritize seller adoption. This focus on the user translates into functionality that ensures additional value beyond simple access to content. Given that Highspot is relatively new to the market, however, companies looking for a larger partner may want to consider another vendor.

Built for organizations that already have a robust content management system (CMS) in place, KnowledgeTree’s solution excels at duplicating the actions of top-performing sales reps by utilizing performance data on content usage. However, the platform is not a good fit for organizations that need a CMS, as content is simply passed through the application rather than living in a repository.

Qvidian’s capabilities are a good match for organizations that have a complex selling cycle, need strong proposal management and compliance, and want to upgrade to a single source for all sales assets. Qvidian’s bundled package may be redundant for organizations with an existing RFP platform.

SAVO has demonstrated that its offerings are well suited for large, complex organizations looking for a wide range of capabilities with a modular approach. However, costs of this modular approach can quickly add up and become out of reach for some organizations, particularly those still looking for the full breadth of capabilities.

Seismic should be considered by companies that need or want to tightly control what end users can and cannot edit or share. Companies in highly regulated industries (e.g. financial services, life sciences, healthcare) should pay particular attention to Seismic for these features. Organizations that currently have limited content resources or are not prepared to reallocate a portion of their time to focus on administration and automated content management may find a better fit with a less robust solution.

For global workforces that require technology for direct sales and channel enablement, Showpad offers integrated mobile, tablet and desktop solutions. Europe-based companies looking for multi-language and regional support should consider Showpad, as it has an established international customer base. Enterprises with centralized workforces that do not require mobile solutions may find another solution more suitable.

TinderBox offers a comprehensive SAM system for organizations interested in supporting adoption of their SFA implementation or quickly building sales proposals directly from within their SFA system. However, organizations that use other third-party applications to generate proposals may find a more suitable fit with another vendor.

Jill Stanek

Jill Stanek is a former Analyst in the Technology and Services practice at SiriusDecisions. She brought 15-plus years of experience in information technology, software and research advisory services, including business development, account management, sales, sales operations, pre-sales engineering and systems specialist roles. Follow Jill on Twitter @jschneid18.

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