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B-to-B Transformation- A New Take on an Old Theme

March 31, 2014 | By Brad Gillespie

At this year's Summit, Tony Jaros will present a new transformation framework and perspectives we’ve gained from witnessing hundreds of organizations attempt to transform their sales, marketing and product functions.

On May 21, my good friend and colleague Tony Jaros will present a new model on transformation at our upcoming Summit. It won’t be the first time our delegates have pondered this idea; after all, we’ve been talking about sales and marketing alignment for nearly a decade now. Business transformation, in general, is not really a new concept. Those of us over 40 have likely lived through a business transformation or two. Many members of our Summit audience have seen both sides of a transformation, as providers of software and services that enable enterprises to modernize and transform various functions (e.g. HR, finance, supply chain).

So with all of this experience and hard data to rationalize the effort, why does broad-based transformation of b-to-b sales, marketing and product still elude us? We can’t answer that question in a single blog post – or a single conference, for that matter. We can and will, however, share some of the perspectives we’ve gained from witnessing hundreds of organizations attempt to transform their sales, marketing and product functions. In his talk, Tony will share a few stories of success – and a few of the “crash and burn” variety, as well. But more importantly, he’ll introduce a new framework that’s purpose-built to transform sales, marketing and product functions in a sustainable way.

As a former client of SiriusDecisions, I found tremendous value in the many frameworks I leveraged over the years. Our new transformation framework promises to be a roadmap, as well as a compass, to help b-to-b organizations realize the incredible value that comes from aligning what I refer to as the “revenue-facing” functions. In my experience, transformation happens two ways: from the top down, when change is championed at the highest levels in the organization; and the grassroots variety, when change is initiated, executed by and for the benefit of the business units. We really need both, folks. Transformation of the revenue-facing functions should be on every CEO’s agenda this year. And transformation should be the top priority for many CMOs, CSOs and product leaders as well. I know it’s on ours, here at SiriusDecisions.

It’s only a matter of time before CEOs realize that the revenue-facing functions are primed for a revolution. Numerous triggers are at play, from changes in customer demand and changes in competition to increased globalization. Modernization is fine, but transformation is powerful, and all of the ingredients are available today – process best practices, data, tools and technology, and people. And our new model can help point you in the right direction.

Brad Gillespie

Brad Gillespie is a transformational marketing and business development executive whose experience spans the systems of the Fortune 500 to the dynamics of an early-stage venture. His experience includes strategy formulation, sales and marketing integration, product development and launch, channel design and management, acquisition integration, corporate communications and commercialization of intellectual property. Follow Brad on Twitter @tbradg

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