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Infographic: Product Management Tools and Technology 2015

December 09, 2014 | By Jeff Lash

This infographic summarizes our research for available tools and technologies for product managers. Find out more.

We recently announced the release of the SiriusDecisions SiriusView "Product Planning, Prioritization and Roadmapping 2015."  As part of the research into the SiriusView, we conducted research into the tools and technologies that are currently used by B2B product managers. The highlights are summarized in the infographic below.

Clients of the SiriusDecisions Product Management advisory service can access the full report through our Web site. We have also made a version of this report available to non-clients – click here to download it.


Note: An updated version of this research is now available. Learn more about the 2017 SiriusDecisions Product Management Tools and Technology Study and download a copy of the research.

Jeff Lash

Jeff Lash is a VP, Group Director who leads the SiriusDecisions Product Management Research Service. He is a a recognized thought leader in product management with over 20 years of experience in product management as well as related areas including user experience, product development and product marketing. Follow Jeff on Twitter at @jefflash.
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