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Priorities for Product Management Leaders

September 23, 2014 | By Jeff Lash

There’s something we hear a lot when talking with clients about challenges – some variation of, “We can’t be the only ones having these issues… are we?”

I spend a good part of my day every day interacting with business-to-business product management leaders and product management teams. We hear a lot of the same priorities, initiatives, issues and concerns, so the answer is usually, "No, you’re not alone.”

Product management leaders usually are somewhat relieved to hear this, but they are often still curious about how their priorities compare to those of their peers, or how many or what types of companies are facing the same challenges. This is especially relevant now as product management leaders set their plans for 2015.

As part of our ongoing research to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of B2B product management organizations, we are conducting a short survey (below) of product management leaders to gather more data on their challenges and priorities. (Note: The survey is now closed, but you can view a summary of the results.)

Jeff Lash

Jeff Lash is a VP, Group Director who leads the SiriusDecisions Product Management Research Service. He is a a recognized thought leader in product management with over 20 years of experience in product management as well as related areas including user experience, product development and product marketing. Follow Jeff on Twitter at @jefflash.
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