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SiriusView: Marketing Resource Management Vendor Evaluations

December 09, 2013 | By Jacques Begin

In the research brief The Sirius View: A New Way to Look at Technology Vendors, we detailed our rigorous technology vendor assessment methodology. The model scores vendors and focuses on the differentiators between them and the challenges they face. 

Next GenerationOver the last several months, my colleagues and I have interviewed and evaluated vendors offering marketing resource management (MRM) solutions. We define MRM solutions as those that include four components vital to b-to-b marketers: budgeting, project management, asset management and communications.

Like most maturing technology markets, the MRM landscape is evolving rapidly and has witnessed multiple acquisitions in recent years, including IBM’s 2010 acquisition of Unica, Teradata’s 2010 acquisition of Aprimo, SAS’s 2011 acquisition of Assetlink, Infor’s 2012 acquisition of Orbis Global, and Microsoft’s 2012 acquisition of MarketingPilot.

Making the best technology decisions requires having access to the best and most applicable information. So, keep your eyes open because we will soon publish the first-ever SiriusView for MRM. We’ll score and profile the vendors that b-to-b marketers are inquiring about:

  • Allocadia
  • BrandMaker
  • IBM
  • Infor
  • Microsoft
  • PTI
  • Saepio
  • SAS
  • Teradata

    Jacques Begin

    Jacques is a Research Director in the Technology and Services practice at SiriusDecisions. He brings over 15 years of technology research, application and implementation expertise and insight to SiriusDecisions. He has proven success in account management, research and analysis, content development and delivery and communications and collaboration. Follow Jacques on Twitter @JacquesBegin22.

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