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Social Media Intelligence 2015

December 16, 2014 | By Jacques Begin

We recently announced the release of the SiriusDecisions "SiriusView: Social Media Intelligence 2015," a report that highlights several vendors addressing b-to-b marketing professionals' social intelligence needs. In addition to completing the process required to develop such a report – including surveying vendors and attending demos – SiriusDecisions analysts spoke to a multitude of social media end-users through daily inquiry within our client base.

While interacting with more than 100 clients, SiriusDecisions accumulated data on how b-to-b marketing professionals have adopted and are using social media and social media intelligence tools. The highlights are summarized in the infographic below.

Jacques Begin

Jacques is a Research Director in the Technology and Services practice at SiriusDecisions. He brings over 15 years of technology research, application and implementation expertise and insight to SiriusDecisions. He has proven success in account management, research and analysis, content development and delivery and communications and collaboration. Follow Jacques on Twitter @JacquesBegin22.

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