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Summit Canada: A Unique Event for A Unique B2B Market

February 06, 2018 | By Jessica Lillian

  • This year, SiriusDecisions is bringing Summit to Canada for a special event focused entirely on the Canadian market
  • Ally Motz, president and CEO of SiriusDecisions Canada, shares details on what you can expect at this year’s event
  • Sales, marketing and product leaders should attend Summit Canada to gain actionable insights to help them outperform 

The inaugural SiriusDecisions Summit Canada– to be held March 1 at Hyatt Regency Toronto – offers an agenda that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities for B2B sales, marketing and product leaders in Canada.

With a full day of sessions presenting the latest SiriusDecisions research – plus opportunities to network with peers – Summit Canada is a must-attend event. I recently spoke with Ally Motz, president and CEO of SiriusDecisions Canada, about what you can expect:

What do you see as the biggest challenges that B2B professionals in sales/marketing/product are currently facing in Canada, compared to the U.S.? How do the two countries’ markets differ?

Canadian business is generally pretty risk averse – in a positive way. Organizations want to make sure any investments made in their growth strategies will have sufficient payoff and ROI. Canada’s overall GDP is a lot smaller, so the market sizes and opportunities for resources are also much smaller. Organizations are more cautious in how they spend their money because they have to optimize every investment to drive better productivity and results.

Alignment challenges are also different. We have some Canadian clients with good alignment. Those that do have strong alignment are growing faster and are more profitable than those that don’t. But the reality is that team sizes here are often different. If the teams are lean, then they need to be more effective; they need to spend money more efficiently and measure results more effectively.

There are also a lot of Canadian companies that are subsidiaries of U.S. companies. Because these subsidiaries are part of North America (vs. EMEA or APAC), the collaboration is more important. Canadian teams need to align with their U.S. counterparts to deliver campaigns and have a focused go-to-market strategy. Almost every technology company has a subsidiary here, but they always need to work with the U.S. headquarters company to “Canadianize” all their marketing programs.  

Finally, there’s Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL). CASL is stricter than U.S. spam laws, so the go-to-market strategy and programs, campaigns and tactics need to be more fully thought out to enable better marketing activities and throughputs. That’s something that marketers in the U.S. don’t have to worry about as much. Because of CASL, marketers can’t spam clients here, so they need to see whether their offering is a good fit and make sure they message in an effective way.

What are you most excited about seeing at this year’s Summit Canada?

The most exciting thing is that while many of our clients come to SiriusDecisions events in the U.S., they have been asking for local events – and now they have one. At Summit Canada, they’ll be able to send larger teams and have greater representation. They’re excited because this is the first and only B2B event in many years. We have many B2C events, but nothing like this – a B2B event with 250-plus leaders coming together to learn from each other.

On the stage, EDC and Softchoice will be presenting their journeys in different areas of demand creation and sales enablement. Attendees can learn from their peers in different sessions. We’ll also be presenting data from a Canada-focused survey.

The timing is perfect because it’s still early in 2018. The strategies and models you’ll learn will have an impact not only in the first quarter, but all the way through the year.

Your session will address what high-performing companies do differently. Any sneak previews of the insights you can offer?

In the survey results so far, we have had some respondents indicate alignment issues. SiriusDecisions research shows that companies with strong alignment have 19 percent faster revenue growth and are 15 percent more profitable. But when we asked respondents how aligned they felt their organizations were, the number who said they are well aligned was relatively low.

Attendees can expect to learn how aligned companies are successful. Leaders know that alignment is important, but the challenge is how to align. Technology, process, org structure and more are all important along the journey to alignment to produce results.

We’ll also look at where investments are being made – specifically in technology. What is the role of technology in driving growth? Canadian B2B organizations often wait for a particular technology to be more widely adopted before making the purchase, because the technology becomes more proven, and as it evolves it becomes  more affordable. Technology choices overall have exploded. There’s a lot of noise, but organizations need to know which will work best for them.

What types of networking opportunities will be available?

We have structured the event like the U.S. Summit, with plenty of networking breaks. All of the breaks will provide delegates with the opportunity to meet with other and have conversations. Our sponsors – Demandbase, Jan Kelley, LookBook, Salesforce and Allocadia – will be facilitating. We also have a media sponsor: B2B News Network.

At the end of the day, we’ll have a wonderful cocktail party that will give everyone the chance to come together and relax. We want all attendees to learn from each other.  

In summary, why is this a must-attend conference?

Summit Canada is truly the B2B event for leaders in Canada in 2018. It can help attendees get out of the gate quickly in 2018 and secure success throughout the year. It’s the only event of its kind in Canada right now.

Jessica Lillian

Jessica F. Lillian is a senior editor and content strategy manager at SiriusDecisions and has more than a decade of B2B editorial experience, including five years as the editor of national B2B magazines. Follow Jessica on Twitter @jessica_lillian

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