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The Latest B-to-B Public Relations Trends

July 30, 2012 | By Erin Provey

I began my career in public relations (PR) in the late 1990s and went through a few other professional iterations (writer, brand strategist) before landing at SiriusDecisions, where I now have the pleasure of speaking to some of the most talented b-to-b PR professionals in the world.

Back in the dot-com era, we were wondering how email would change business, and publication scanning was a morning activity that turned my fingers black and yellow with newsprint and highlighter ink.

Today, Twitter does our pub scanning for us, and social media makes email seem antiquated. In a homage to those deliciously fluffy “hot or not” glossy magazine lists, perfect for summer reading, here’s SiriusDecisions’ summer 2012 trend alert for b-to-b PR:

B2B Public Relations Hot List

Erin Provey

Erin Provey is a Senior Research Director of Corporate and Executive Marketing Strategies at SiriusDecisions. She has more than 10 years of experience in brand strategy, including positioning, identity, public relations, digital strategy, copywriting and account management. Follow Erin on Twitter @erinprovey.
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