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Top Three Reasons to Use Marketing Automation for Influencer Relations

March 26, 2013 | By Erin Provey

  • Protect influencers from demand-focused marketing. While many influencer relations teams stay away from the marketing automation platform (MAP) out of fear that their key influencers will be marketed to as prospects, this leaves the door open to the possibility that influencers will end up in the marketing database, unbeknownst to the influencer marketing team. By entering influencers into the database, assigning them to a single contact owner and excluding them from general marketing campaigns, you are more likely to successfully protect influencers from inappropriate marketing offers. Tip: Don’t forget to add influencer titles and industries to registration form pick lists!
  • Gain influencer insights. Using a marketing automation platform for influencer outreach creates visibility into the impact of influencer relations tactics and content types. Today’s marketing automation is less about sending blast marketing emails and more about the ability to send trackable messages and obtain insight into which influencers opened a message and/or clicked through a link. The marketing automation platform can then track the influencer’s Web behaviors and generate specific reports to show which content assets are most consumed by influencers and which influencers are most actively engaged with the organization. Tip: Also send highly tailored or individual influencer communications through the MAP to ensure full visibility!
  • Optimize influencer marketing. Leverage marketing automation’s ability to create unique Web experiences for inbound visitors based on progressive profiling and dynamic content offers. Integrate social media influencer relations efforts into the marketing automation platform to gain the full vision of influencers’ social and digital behaviors as they move from social media into the organization’s Web properties. Use behavioral intelligence capabilities to analyze and optimize content offers for influencers. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of which content assets, delivered through which mechanisms, are most effective for reaching certain influencers. Tip: Automate outbound communications to lower-tier influencers and implement nurture streams for new or up-and-coming influencers!

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