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Where Are The B2B Case Studies?

April 26, 2010 | By Jonathan Block

I'll start off saying by way of a disclaimer that this post will mainly be an advertisement for our upcoming Summit, May 12-14 in Phoenix, so feel free to hop off now if that rubs you the wrong way.

With that out of the way, I've heard a number of comments recently about the lack of B2B content at many marketing and social media conferences. This isn't too surprising as it's a lot easier to determine the value of a marketing program that is essentially a transaction rather than the months-long sales cycles that typifies a B2B deal. And when B2B marketers tag either the first or last interaction as the magic tactic, it's tough to get a clear picture of the optimal marketing mix.

Which brings us to our 2010 Summit. We've assembled a great cast of guest speakers that will share case studies and best practices on the ROI of optimizing marketing and sales through function alignment. Our guests are senior-level marketing and sales leaders, including:

  • Maxine Graham - senior director, global integrated marketing and operations; Blue Coat Systems 
  • Peter Johnson - senior manager, marketing operations; Blue Coat Systems 
  • Heidi Melin - senior vice president and chief marketing officer; Polycom
  • Andrew Miller - executive vice president, global field operations; Polycom
  • Rene Saltzherr - senior director marketing, global demand marketing services; Oracle
  • Doug Sechrist - vice president of demand marketing; Taleo
  • David Shirk - executive vice president of global marketing; Siemens PLM Software

We hope to see you in Phoenix!

Jonathan Block

Jonathan Block is Vice President of Information Technology and Cybersecurity at SiriusDecisions. He has developed key models and frameworks that enable b-to-b organizations to understand, evaluate and implement appropriate marketing and sales technologies, as well as advised executive clients on the role of technology to help drive sales and marketing integration and enterprise alignment. Follow Jonathan on Twitter @jblock.