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Grit, Grace and Go: Meet the Powerhouse Women in Business and Tech

April 23, 2019 | By Jessie Johnson

  • Business and technology leadership requires focus on connection and alignment while challenging assumptions and creating momentum toward a common goal
  • The SiriusDecisions Women’s Network inspires women and encourages growth, debunking common myths and preconceptions about women’s leadership
  • The best and brightest minds in b-to-b are taking stage at SiriusDecisions Summit not as women in business, but as business leaders

The word powerhouse is often used to describe people with discipline, strength and dynamism in their approach to accomplishing a task or goal. In the physical arena, these powerhouses are the athletes, dancers and performers who are the masters of their domain and their own capabilities, whether that’s playing football, executing choreography or delivering a virtuosic vocal performance. Collectively, these powerhouses inspire one another to reach that next goal – throwing farther, moving with more precision or holding that note a little longer. They empower one another, and by doing so, empower the next generation watching from the wings or in the bleachers.

It’s also an apt description for the female leaders of business and technology. Some of the best and brightest will be taking stage at SiriusDecisions Summit to share their stories, not as women in business, but as business leaders.

Powerhouse by Design

A recent panel discussion of the SiriusDecisions Women’s Network focused on debunking myths about women’s leadership, using findings from the 2018 Leadership Study. Highlighted characteristics included the deft handling of responsibility and success with confidence, vision and authenticity; the empowerment of teams; and an environment of collaboration.

Whether in athletics, arts, or business, three attributes best describe the powerhouse:

  • Grit. They’re challenging assumptions, finding better ways to do things and crushing obstacles standing in the way of goals.
  • Grace. They’re focused on connection and alignment, with an eye on the strategic vision.
  • Go. These are leaders who use their own drive to create momentum toward a common goal, and their impact reaches far and wide.

Meet the Speakers: Leveraging Tech to Enhance the Revenue Engine

This year’s SiriusDecisions Summit includes a new Technology track focused on optimizing technology and service investments to drive transformational change in b-to-b organizations across product, marketing and sales disciplines.

Not surprisingly, the tech track agenda includes several powerhouse female analysts and leaders who will share best practices, challenges, and success stories for leveraging technology to build and support the high-performance revenue engine. Among those speakers are:

Don’t miss these and other powerhouse women in business and technology speaking at Summit as you add track sessions, case studies and interactive experience rooms to your agenda in the mobile app.

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Jessie Johnson

Jessie Johnson is a Research Analyst at SiriusDecisions. Jessie is a marketing technology thought leader focused on leveraging marketing automation technologies and actionable intelligence in demand creation, content strategy and development, and integrated marketing. She has more than 10 years of experience working with b-to-b organizations. Follow her on Twitter @jjhnsn.

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