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Leveraging Technology to Create a Customer-Centric Company

Tara Chahal

Sponsor Name: ChurnZero

Untappd, a fast-growing tech company, connects restaurants and bars with beer enthusiasts. With an increasingly large customer base, the group’s Customer Success team knew it was time to implement a dedicated CS platform. With no centralized Customer Success ‘workspace,’ it was a struggle to keep up with customer data, account history and overall satisfaction. When it came to renewal management, a lack of guidance and automation provided no assurance that the right customers where being hit with the right messaging. Most importantly the team lacked a way to accurately measure their customer’s health - determining how to appropriately weight contributing factors and track customer health changes was a must.

After adopting new strategies and the ChurnZero customer success platform, Untappd realized significant gains across their entire organization.

In this session we will discuss:

  • Signs your organization can drive efficiencies through the use of a dedicated CS Platform
  • Keys to effectively leveraging technology to streamline and scale your customer programs -Democratizing customer insights to the entire organization, empowering all projects to be data-driven and customer-focused
  • How Customer Success can super-charge the impact of Marketing and Sales