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How Carbon Black Increased MQL Volume by 2.5x and Improved SQL Conversions by 388%!

Vanessa Porter

Sponsor Name: PathFactory

Carbon Black knew they had valuable content, but engagement wasn’t what they had hoped for. Prospects typically engaged with a single asset before being sent to sales and, too often, wouldn’t re-engage. This led to unproductive sales calls and missed opportunities. They needed a way to more effectively nurture prospects by capitalizing on those fleeting moments of attention so sales could receive a more qualified, educated lead. To fix this problem, Vanessa and her team at Carbon Black adopted a new strategy to maximize every single engagement, starting with their nurture program. Using PathFactory Content Tracks, they now enable prospects with a wealth of relevant content. Rather than waiting for the next email to arrive in their inbox, prospects can binge on multiple assets on the back of every click; accelerating their own nurture. As a result, marketing sends sales a much more educated lead which results in better, more productive conversations and more MQL to SQL conversions.

Join Vanessa’s session to learn how:

  • A buyer enablement focus led to a 2.5X increase in MQLs (to the point where the CRO asked if their scoring model was broken!)
  • Carbon Black’s new strategy improved sales and marketing alignment
  • Vanessa and her team incorporated content consumption data into their lead scoring model leading to a 388% increase MQL to SQL conversion