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Using Data Orchestration to Scale Marketing & Sales

Allen Pogorzelski, Josh Ren

Sponsor Name: Openprise

To fuel its explosive growth, Nutanix, a global leader in cloud software and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, leverages data orchestration technologies to scale with the growing needs of a dynamic business in an ultra-competitive market. In this session, Josh Ren of Nutanix, joined by automation expert Allen Pogorzelski of Openprise, will share Nutanix’s strategies in automating key processes to better understand buying signals and engage with prospects on a global scale.

In this session, you’ll hear what Nutanix has done to:

  • Engage with prospects across the globe as a single team
  • Read prospects’ digital behavior beyond just website and email interaction
  • Understand how interactions by sales, marketing, and partners all contribute to deals moving through the sales funnel
  • Arm the sales team with more comprehensive insights into their prospects