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The Human Learning Machine -- Building a GTM team that gets smarter, better, and faster every day

Nadav Benbarak

Sponsor Name: People.ai

Winning in any marketplace today requires more teamwork than ever. From the campaign messaging brief to the signed order, sales and marketing teams must move in tandem to create a clear, consistent, and trusted experience for prospective buyers that gets more efficient and competitive over time.

In this session, Nadav Benbarak, Sr. Director of Strategy and Operations at Okta will share how new insights powered by People.ai are helping the organization to collaborate more effectively, learn what’s working more quickly, and grow more efficiently. At Okta the key to choreographing the sales and marketing motion is insight and transparency. When each player on the team works with a deep yet shared view of the business, new ideas spread, bad ideas die, and the entire organization becomes more effective.