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SiriusDecisions Command Center® for Performance Benchmarking

SiriusDecisions helps business leaders seeking to energize their organizations’ performance and provides unparalleled perspective. Our distinctive Command Center for performance benchmarking platform enables you to drive strategic and tactical changes informed by insights, best-in-class frameworks, readiness and performance metrics, and dynamic peer analysis. We help you develop a prescriptive action plan for change, providing the support you need to get the job done and achieve success.

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“The most critical data we use is spend data, marketing spend as a percentage of revenue, categories, tactics, how to spend in different programs and the Demand Waterfall conversion rates. I know SiriusDecisions data and I rely on it.”<br />- Vice President in Information Technology
Key Issues: When Performance Benchmarking Can Help
  1. During planning, where should you invest your resources, and how can you align them with your business goals?
  2. What programs make the most sense for your business?
  3. What gaps within your organization could be addressed by the introduction of new capabilities?
  4. How can you justify these new efforts?
  5. How can you jump-start your business?
  6. How can you pinpoint the drivers of a course correction?
  7. What areas should you focus on to achieve the objective of generating better leads to fill the sales pipeline?
  8. How can I set realistic goals for new or revamped processes?
How SiriusDecisions Performance Benchmarking Helps
  • Our Command Center for performance benchmarking showcases insights you can use to justify desired strategic and tactical changes
  • We help you recognize a competitive advantage or opportunity
  • Our competitive benchmarking provides data to support your recommendations to senior management
  • We ensure a smarter allocation of budget and human resources
  • We help companies get back on track quickly
  • We help adaptive companies respond more nimbly to opportunities
  • We nurture change agents
Results You Can Expect
  • Wiser investment and allocation of resources
  • The ability to more quickly make course corrections and seize opportunities
  • Better alignment for greater impact
  • Ability to identify and support change agents
  • Team players who are more receptive to input and more apt to help their peers
  • Advice on managing complex initiatives and building collaboration between multiple sub-functions and the rest of the organization
  • Guidance on how to analyze processes and find the root causes of variability and low performance
  • Increased satisfaction of internal stakeholders and more measurable results
The SiriusDecisions Advantage

Our performance benchmarking metrics, which are updated daily, measure your progress against your peers. We solicit voluntary performance data from the market’s most nimble companies. We help clients understand the deeper story behind the metrics we deliver, including how they’re compiled and why they matter. Our library of benchmark metrics aligns with revenue functions at the readiness and performance levels vs. others firms that focus only on performance. The Command Center fosters change agents by helping clients understand how different responses can effect subtle changes throughout the organization. We bring performance benchmarking perspective and best-in-class frameworks to our clients.

“We look to SiriusDecisions for campaign planning and execution, tactics, strategy and to help us gauge where we fall in terms of benchmarking. We look to you to build out how we want to communicate our strategy internally.”<br />- Manager in Information Technology

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