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Analytics Preparedness Process Workshop Overview

Predictive analytics can change your business for the better...if you plan and prepare to do it the right way.

Marketing and sales leaders face a difficult challenge

"Because we have always done it that way" doesn't cut it anymore as an answer to why things are done in business. Your organization needs to evolve from traditional, experienced-based, intuition-driven marketing and sales to modern, data-driven, analytics-based marketing and sales. Failure to make the transition could limit growth, sacrifice market share and allow your competitors to surpass you.

Well planned, implemented and executed analytics creates a competitive advantage. This workshop will help you:

• Assess your strengths and weaknesses relative to five pillars of analytics proficiency - planning, process, culture, skills and tools and data

• Take advantage of what you can accomplish now

• Move from one proficiency level to the next to improve your analytics

• Generate insights about your customers and prospects

Make an investment for a long-term impact to your business.

Predictive analytics, statistical modeling, and data-driven sales and marketing can improve sales and marketing performance. A conducive analytics platform includes reliable data, well defined plans, repeatable processes, a receptive culture, and the right skills and tools. To succeed and avoid the pitfalls when introducing data-driven, analytical approaches, you must assess your analytics proficiency an prepare an improvement road map.

A workshop that delivers an action plan and resources to ensure success.

• This is a one-day workshop for up to 20 participants but there is a five-week lead time prior to the workshop for data collection and analysis

• Key roles involved in the workshop include CMOs, CSOs, executives and managers from both marketing and sales, marketing and sales analytics teams, and campaign managers

• Qualitative and quantitative data, including surveys and interviews of key stakeholders, are used to help assess key analytics capabilities and deficiencies, inform recommendations and develop an action plan customized to your organization

Key Takeaways

• Complete analytics proficiency assessment with details for planning, process, culture, skills and tools, and data

• Guidelines for improving your analytics proficiency

• Recommendations on what can be accomplished now

• A recommended action plan for the next 12 months

• A roadmap for future advisory service inquiries to ensure ongoing support and success

In this era of big data and analytics, it's time to assess your ability to mine available internal and external data, determine areas of improvement, generate insights about your customers and prospects and their journeys, improve marketing and sales effectiveness, and increase business performance.

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