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Best Practices for Conducting a Sales Content Audit

Identify gaps in buyer-facing content and increase sales productivity.

Sales professionals can't do their job effectively if they have:

  • Sales assets that are disorganized, difficult to find and often out of date or incomplete

  • Too much existing content that is never/rarely used

  • Significant gaps in high value, relevant sales content availability

Create the library of content your sales team needs by:

  • Documenting key buyer-persona content preferences based on B2B research, tailored to your unique offers

  • Identify and inventory sanctioned and un-sanctioned sales content repositories

  • Provide a framework to assess quality, relevance, value and influence of existing content

Bring great impact to your business

As a result of completing a sales content audit, your organization can expect:

  • Improved content value and relevance by stopping production of unused material and shifting resources to creation of the highest impact assets

  • Improved rep productivity through reduced search time as assets are linked to buyer's journey stages

  • Accelerated velocity and improved win rates across the sales process as more high value assets become available

One Fortune 50 client identified and retired 12% of their assets that had not been accessed in the prior twelve months, and re-established priorities to address content gaps for key buyers. Reps report significant reduction in time spent searching for content and higher usage of new, high-quality materials, leading to increased sales.

Are you ready to implement a sales content audit for your organization?

How does it work?

  • Ideally, this project works best if you have clearly defined sales stages implemented within a sales force automation system that are linked to stages of the buyer's journey

  • Key stakeholders from sales enablement, sales and content, product, and/or solution marketing should be involved

  • Within this 6 - 8 week project, SiriusDecisions Consultants will support an audit of sales assets needed by 1 - 2 buyer person as for one major solution or offer

  • The project includes a series of web meetings culminating in a one-day, on-site working session to complete prioritized roadmaps for content development

  • Both qualitative and quantitative data is used to help inform our recommendations and develop an action plan

Key Takeaways

  • Prioritized input to content providers in marketing, product and solutions teams

  • Elimination of content ROT (redundant, outdated, trivial assets)

  • Defined process and tools for analysis of additional buyer persona requirements and content gaps across multiple buyers' journeys• An action plan with implementation guidelines

  • A roadmap for future advisory service inquiries to ensure ongoing support and success


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