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Campaign Framework Workshop

Actionable Campaign Framework Intelligence

A one-day in-depth exploration of SiriusDecisions; Campaign Framework, models and research-informed best practices for campaign planning, execution and measurement. The workshop provides actionable intelligence that can be applied to create and execute effective campaigns.


Understand and effectively apply the SiriusDecisions Campaign Framework with actual use cases leading to a phased implementation of best practices.

Who Should Participate?

Executives, managers and line staff actively involved in planning designing, executing and measuring global and/or local campaigns.

Workshop Agenda

Anatomy of the B2B Campaign Framework

Key Definitions

Campaign Themes

Campaign Design and Implementation Considerations

Targeting for Segments and Geographies

Organizational and Execution Considerations

Measurement and Metrics for Assessing Success

Action Plan

Prerequisite Work


Marketing Activity: What’s in a Name

Marketing Planning: Setting Goals

Core Strategy Report: Campaign Framework

Aligning Campaign Themes and Product Launches

Measurement Within the Campaign Framework

Marketing Budgets: The Strategic Allocation Model

Selective stakeholder interviews, as needed

Webinar covering workshop material

Workshop Deliverables

On-site workshop for up to 10 participants

Topic-specific action plan and workbook

Advisory inquiry plan

Topic lists for post-workshop guidance (for SiriusDecisions research membership holders)

Workshop Leaders

Our workshop leaders are seasoned executive practitioners who have planned, executed and measured successful initiatives, campaigns and projects in their respective subject matter areas of expertise.

They engage hundreds of clients annually in continuous research, benchmark studies and client inquiries to identify trends, issues and challenges and provide models, frameworks and actionable pragmatic advice.

Clients of our advisory services gain increased leverage from our workshops through continuous engagement with our analysts during their service subscription period.

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