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Customer Marketing Basics Workshop

Understand proven best practices in Customer Marketing and how to map those to your particular situation to get your customer marketing efforts off on the right foot with metrics and workstreams.

Many B2B organizations have a fundamental lack of understanding of the post-sales experience

This leads to misalignment of priorities within the organization which ultimately impacts customer advocacy and retention

SiriusDecisions can help your organization:

Understand the elements of customer marketing

Audit what's being done in your organization today Determine how those efforts can be better aligned to proven SiriusDecisions frameworks and models

How will these changes impact your business?

Once your organization implements the customer marketing frameworks, your organization will be better equipped to design, deliver and measure a best-in-class post-sale experience to increase loyalty, advocacy, growth and community participation.

81% of B2B buyer decisions are based on direct or indirect customer experience factors

Jumpstart your customer marketing initiative using SiriusDecisions proven frameworks, models and best practices.

A workshop that delivers an action plan and resources to ensure success.

How does it work?

• This is a one-day workshop for up to 10 participants

• Key stakeholders involved in the workshop should include leaders who are responsible for customer experience, engagement, marketing, success, or advocacy. The CMO, product marketing and marketing operations may also wish to participate.

• Qualitative and quantitative data, including surveys and interviews of key stakeholders, are used to inform recommendations and develop an action plan customized to your organization

Key Takeaways

• Documented core terminology for the Customer Marketing function

• Completed Customer Marketing Measurement Framework

• Prioritized checklist with key areas for improvement

• Defining and identifying customer interaction points

• An action plan for next steps and ongoing implementation

• A roadmap for future advisory service inquiries to ensure ongoing support and success

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