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Demand Unit Waterfall™ Readiness Assessment

Not sure if you are ready to implement the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit WaterfallTM? Let's find out!

The Demand Unit Waterfall includes refined stages, several new stages and - possibly most significantly - a more structured approach to defining "the buyer".

You may be ready for the Demand Unit Waterfall if you've been asking similar questions:

  • B2B buyers are typically not accounts, nor are they individual people, so how should you define a 'buyer' for your solutions?
  • Because we know that buying processes are normally underway before sellers discover them, when should we start counting and measuring progress with these buying processes?
  • If we are no longer only interested in leads, how should we track and measure the progression of buyers?

How will this change impact your business?

Moving to the Demand Unit Waterfall will help your organization drive improved demand quality, velocity, deal size and close rates. First taking steps to assess your organization's readiness to make the switch to the Demand Unit Waterfall will ensure greater success in the long run. 

A best-in-class organization needs a best-in-class demand creation program.

How does it work?
  • This is a half-day workshop for 10-15 participants
  • It will help your organization answer "How ready are we?" and "What do we need?" to implement the Demand Unit Waterfall
  • Participants will gain a foundational education and complete readiness assessment exercises
  • The team will discuss any challenges the organization may face in demand management
Bring the right people together, to ensure company- wide buy-in and a successful process.

Leaders and managers from marketing, marketing operations, teleprospecting, sales operations, and inside and direct sales, including regional representatives, should be involved in the process

  • Foundational education on the Demand Unit Waterfall
  • Readiness assessment results
  • Key assumptions / dependencies for implementation
  • An action plan with recommended next steps
  • A roadmap for future advisory service inquiries to ensure ongoing support and success

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