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Digital Type Assessment Overview

Determine your digital marketing focus and capabilities for effective buyer and customer engagement.

Digital marketing leaders often deal with the challenge of trying to understand, implement and optimize the delivery mechanisms that must effectively drive productivity and maximize instruments.

SiriusDecisions can help you:

  • Define the best digital types to deploy based on products, solution and go to market strategy
  • Assess the current state of your digital demand strategies and programs mix
  • Apply the recommended digital types to enable increased buyer and customer engagement to shorten the buying process

How will these changes impact your business?

Companies that implement best-in-class digital delivery mechanism recommendations find they have:

  • Two times higher event registration than industry average*
  • 166% to 285% increase in close rates*

*Based on the analysis of over 42,000 B2B and B2B2C companies that have publicly available financial data. The methodology compared the top 20% most engaged clients with SiriusDecisions based on an internal health score (utilization rates, leverage metrics, account sentiment, etc.) to other less engaged SiriusDecisions clients and all other companies. Revenue growth for highly engaged clients was 2.6 to 7.4 times faster, and profit growth was 2.3 to 5.3 times faster.

A best-in-class organization needs a best-in- class digital marketing program.

How does it work?

  • This is a one-day workshop for 10-15 participants, or an 8 - 12 week project, depending on scope and desired level of program implementation
  • Key stakeholders involved in the project or workshop should include members from marketing, digital marketing, marketing operations, field marketing and sales partner marketing (where applicable)
  • Qualitative and quantitative data, including surveys and interviews of key stakeholders, are used to inform recommendations and develop an action plan customized to your organization

Key Takeaways

  • Results of the digital type assessment to determine your organization's digital type: digital first, digital support or hybrid
  • Apply your digital type(s) to buyer and customer journey maps
  • Define technology and organizational capabilities for success
  • A roadmap for future advisory service inquiries to ensure ongoing support and success

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