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Go-to-Market Architecture Project Overview

How can your organization make the transition from product- to audience-centric?

Does your organization struggle with:

Define, or agree on, which market segments and buyer personas you should target?

Understand and agree upon buyer needs?

Develop content that is more than just product information?

While a majority of B2B companies aspire to be audience-, buyer- or solution-centric in their go-to-market strategy and execution, few adequately manage the challenges and barriers to doing so. How does an organization transform from product-centric myopia to an outward-looking approach?

SiriusDecisions can help your team:

Leverage data, company experience and market insights to build an aligned set of prioritized segments for investment in sales and marketing activities

Build a prioritized set of target segments and personas

Construct an agreed upon segmentation, buyer needs and portfolio map

Make an investment for a long-term impact to your business.

Taking the time to build a go-to-market framework – the prioritized list of segments, personas and portfolio mapping – provides your organization with:

Defensible choices based in data analysis and company experience

An aligned set of targets across sales, marketing and product Companies that leverage SiriusDecisions research

A workshop that delivers an aligned approach and an action plan.

This six-week project culminates in a one-day working session for up to 20 participants

Key stakeholders involved in the working session should include members from portfolio marketing, product management, marketing operations, demand creation, sales operations and sales management

Qualitative and quantitative data, including surveys and interviews of key stakeholders, are used to inform recommendations and develop an action plan customized to your organization

Key Takeaways

Go-to-Market Architecture – outlining the segments, personas and solutions

Aligned prioritization of those segments

Approach for completing additional segments

Next steps for content creation, campaign development and sales enablement

A roadmap for future advisory service inquiries to ensure ongoing support and success




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