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Implementing a Best-in-Class Sales Planning Process

Implement a sales planning process that's aligned to corporate goals, as well as product and marketing plans and uses best practices for critical sales functional plan elements.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

“Sales planning is a challenging, inefficient process each year - we need to do a better job yielding a better plan with less stress on our resources.”

“It feels as though we develop our plan in a vacuum, and don't always agree on priorities, targets and initiatives.”

“We are not sure we are using best practices as we develop key components of our functional sales plan, e.g, coverage model, territory optimization, sales comp plan development and quota setting.”

SiriusDecisions can help you update your sales planning process and focus on:

  • Alignment with corporate goals and interlock with product, marketing and finance
  • Revising your approach to key sales plan components such as sales initiatives, coverage models, sales comp plans, etc.
  • Developing a process map and planning templates
  • Implementing the new processes

How will these changes impact your business?

  • A clearly defined process and roadmap enables smoother work through the planning cycle
  • More productive results for coverage, territory optimization, sales compensation plans, etc. will contribute to improves sales performance
  • Tighter alignment with product and marketing which will smooth the planning process and yield stronger overall results

“This has helped us identify where and why we have had planning challenges in the past and has given us a roadmap for a better process.”

“This project has helped our sales management team and corporate finance better understand each other's needs in the planning process.”

A best-in-class sales organization needs a best-in-class sales planning process

How does it work?

  • Within this 8 - 10 week project, SiriusDecisions Consultants review existing planning processes and tools, and bring key stakeholders together in working sessions to ensure the new process follows best practices while meeting the team's needs
  • Representatives of sales leadership, operations, compensation administration, finance, marketing and product management should be involved in the project
  • Qualitative and quantitative data, including surveys and interviews, is used to help inform recommendations and develop an action plan customized to your organization

Key Takeaways

  • A Sales Planning Process map documenting the steps, inputs, analyses, outputs, roles and responsibilities and interlocks
  • Custom templates for sales initiatives, coverage model analysis, account/territory assignment, sales comp plans and metrics / measurement processes
  • A roadmap for future advisory service inquiries to ensure ongoing support and success 

"Your work with us developed a deeper understanding of the changes we need to make to our planning process, which is critical as we implement a revised go-to-market model."


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