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Lead Nurturing Workshop

Lead Nurturing the Sirius Way

This one-day workshop focuses on ensuring prospects are placed into an appropriate nurture program and then transitioned into an active buying process as quickly as possible. Marketers who focus on lead nurturing improve their conversion rates throughout the Demand Waterfall™ and improve sales productivity, pipeline generation and revenue performance.


Understand the SiriusDecisions Lead Nurturing Framework, which supports planning and execution of lead nurturing programs that leverage the four nurture pillars – entry, treatment, transition and disposition –throughout the lead lifecycle.

Who Should Participate?

Marketing team members in field marketing, marketing communications, marketing operations, demand centers, solutions marketing and global marketing who contribute to, design and execute lead nurturing programs.

Workshop Agenda

  • Overview of lead nurturing benefits
  • Review of the SiriusDecisions Lead Nurturing Framework, aligning nurturing with SiriusDecisions Demand Creation Foundations.
  • Review of lead nurturing architecture
  • Nurturing exercise: creating a sample nurturing program
  • Measurement considerations for nurturing
  • Post-workshop action plan

Prerequisite Work

  • Pre-workshop planning meeting
  • Pre-workshop educational webinar
  • Pre-workshop data collection survey, as needed
  • Pre-reading
    • The SiriusDecisions Lead Nurturing Framework
    • Lead Nurturing: Building the Foundation
    • A Laser Focus on Long-Term Nurturing
    • Lead Nurturing: Defining a Transition Strategy
  • Creating Adaptive Pre-MQL Nurtures Aligned to the Buyer’s Journey

Workshop Deliverables

  • Sample Nurturing Programs
  • Nurturing Framework Checklist
  • Action Plan

Workshop Leaders

Our workshop leaders are seasoned executive practitioners who have planned, executed and measured successful initiatives, campaigns and projects in their respective subject matter areas of expertise.

They engage hundreds of clients annually in continuous research, benchmark studies and client inquiries to identify trends, issues and challenges and provide models, frameworks and actionable pragmatic advice.

Clients of our advisory services gain increased leverage from our workshops through continuous engagement with our analysts during their service subscription period.

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