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Market Distribution Analysis Project

An accurate view of market distribution focuses go-to-market strategy, improves marketing and sales resources effectiveness, and boosts bookings and revenue.

CMOs, CSOs and other marketing and sales leaders in most organizations share a common problem; how to allocate scarce resources to many market segments.

How do you overcome this challenge?

Go-to-market plans and activities must be aligned with market realities

Data on the number of target organizations defined by industry, function, business size, and geographic area  clarifies market distribution, highlights the best opportunities, and provides a common set of planning assumptions

Once you analyze your market distribution, you should see:

• Better marketing and sales planning at all levels of the company

• Better marketing and sales resource allocations

• More effective use of resources and higher productivity

• Increased bookings, revenue and penetration in key segments

Targeting the most lucrative market segments with the right amount of marketing and sales resources yields higher productivity, increased sales, and more profitable revenue.

How does it work?

• This project takes 4 to 8 weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of your markets

• Key roles involved in the project include CMOs, CSOs, executives and managers from marketing and sales, and marketing and sales analytics teams

• Qualitative and quantitative data, including surveys and interviews of key stakeholders, are used to help focus efforts on your organization's specific markets, inform recommendations and develop a customized action plan

Key Takeaways

At the conclusion of this project, you will be able to answer the following questions:

• How many target organizations comprise the market, and how many target organizations are in each segment?

• Does the corporate plan align with expected market distribution? If so, how do you allocate top-line, corporate goals to the targeted segments and geographic areas? If not, what opportunities have been overlooked, or what risks have been ignored?

• What is the company’s share of customers in total and by segment, and what does this indicate about the company’s strengths and weaknesses in the market?

• Which segments represent the best targets for the next 12 months?

• Which customers and prospects are in segments that hold the most opportunities over the next 12 months?

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