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Messaging Nautilus Workshop


This high value learning experience is designed to enable portfolio marketers who create content every day to modernize their messaging skills. The workshop will focus on building organizational capabilities to transform the way B2B marketers create effective content and connect with buyers. Workshop attendees will:

  • Learn how to build an audience framework and define the B2B buyer persona

  • Understand why and how messaging should be adapted based on the concept of demand type

  • Craft a value proposition that aligns the offering to the target personas

  • Understand the buyer’s journey and identify buyer knowledge inflection points

  • Learn how to create narrative elements by demand type and prepare messaging for content activation

  • Determine how to operationalize the Messaging Nautilus new process and learnings

Who Should Attend?

This model is designed for portfolio marketers. Portfolio marketers are product, solution, industry, segment, audience or business unit marketers by title. Corporate or marketing communications or anyone or function reporting into central marketing responsible for modernizing marketing, internal training or professional development. Product management and Sales leaders who need to align offerings to personas should attend for the beginning portion of the workshop.

Sample Agenda

The agenda is based on the different "Arcs" in the  SiriusDecisions Messaging Nautilus Model.

  • Arc 1 - Setting the Audience Framework

  • Arc 2 - Defining the Buyer Persona

  • Arc 3 - Creating the Messaging Strategy Statement

  • Arc 4 - Crafting the Value Proposition

  • Arc 5 - Knowledge Inflection Points

  • Arc 6 - Building the Narrative Elements

  • Arc 7 - Mapping for Messaging Activation

  • Arc 8 - Operationalizing the Messaging Nautilus

Prerequisite Work

Based on scope, we may ask the workshop sponsor/s and key stakeholders to provide information, complete online surveys and assist in the collection of data. This will allow us to gather an accurate view of the current state at your organization, and develop a workshop geared to meet your organizational needs. Data we may want to collect includes:

  • Background and context setting, including any company cultural information needed

  • Selection of a market segment, offering and personas to use through the workshop

  • Provide key stakeholder interview or survey participant lists, if applicable

  • Provide additional information as needed

Sample Pre-reading Material

We ask that all participants review applicable materials so everyone can discuss core topics throughout the workshop:

  • The SiriusDecisions Messaging Nautilus

  • Introducing the SiriusDecisions Content Model

  • The SiriusDecisions Content Model: Audience Framework

  • B2B Messaging Echelons

  • Crafting a Product or Solution Value Proposition

  • Foundations of Positioning and Differentiation

Sample Workshop Deliverables

  • A completed SiriusDecisions Audience Framework template, used for a specific offering

  • Completed persona templates for select personas

  • Messaging strategy statements aligned to the selected market segments, using the SiriusDecisions Demand Type framework

  • Crafted Value Proposition Statements based on the Building Blocks of Value for each persona selected

  • A map of inflection points from the buyer's journey  or selected personas

  • A completed content blueprint designed to interlock with campaign planning functions

  • A go-forward action plan on how to operationalize the new messaging process

Workshop Leaders

Our workshop leaders are seasoned practitioners who have planned, executed and measured successful initiatives, campaigns and projects in their respective subject matter areas of expertise. They engage hundreds of clients annually in continuous research, benchmark studies and client inquiries to identify trends, issues and challenges to then pro  de frameworks and actionable pragmatic advice to clients.





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