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Optimizing the Marketing Organization Workshop


Understand current organizational capabilities and map them to future needs, the SiriusDecisions Marketing Ecosystem Model and emerging capabilities that will be required for future success.

Who Should Attend

CMOs and senior functional leaders representing corporate, fi and product marketing who are actively involved in strategy and planning; and other executive stakeholders as appropriate.

Sample Agenda

  • Review of the current organization, market conditions

  • Types of marketing organizations (BU, field, hybrid)

  • The marketing ecosystem

  • Marketing organization maturity model

  • Emerging capabilities

  • Prioritization of organizational development areas

  • Marketing change management

  • Measurement considerations

  • Post-workshop action plan

Sample Prerequisite Work

  • Provide documentation of current company strategy, market conditions and an overview of organizational state as well as challenges or emerging needs

  • Complete Benchmark and attend pre-workshop sessions

  • Pre-reading

    • Demand Type

    • Campaign Framework

    • The Buyer’s Journey

    • Demand Center

Workshop Deliverables

  • Organizational spend resource allocation benchmark

  • A potential future organization model, or prioritize areas of emphasis/development

  • Role descriptions and competencies for key roles

  • Post-workshop action plan

Workshop Leaders

Our workshop leaders are seasoned executive practitioners who have planned, executed and measured successful initiatives, campaigns and projects in their respective subject matter areas of expertise. They engage hundreds of clients annually in continuous research, benchmark studies and client inquiries to identify trends, issues and challenges and provide models, frameworks and actionable pragmatic advice. Clients of our advisory services gain increased leverage from our workshops through continuous engagement with our analysts during their service subscription period.


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