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Persona Workshop

A one-day workshop to provide portfolio marketers with the foundation for audience based messaging.

Who Should Attend

More than ever, B2B organizations are adopting personas  as a way to drive customer-centricity and to shift from product to solution marketing. Companies who are leveraging insight about buyer needs and preferences in their go-to-market strategy are producing messaging & content that fuel inbound marketing and campaigns that produce better results.

Portfolio, product, solution and industry marketing leaders. Global and regional marketing colleagues who need to understand effective targeting.  Product management leaders who need to align offerings to personas.  Sales enablement leaders to drive alignment on the personas to be targeted.


To present actionable frameworks to enable client teams to enhance their skills and competencies in understanding the buying audience at the persona level.

  • Learn the SiriusDecisions persona methodology and customer buying cycle framework

  • Define the B2B persona attributes and how to source the insight and knowledge

  • Learn how to prioritize persona targets and operationalize personas across functions for maximum business impact

  • Create an action plan and timeline for a organization-wide persona initiative

  • Develop a working knowledge of the SiriusDecisions persona toolkit - definitional template, interview guide, messaging map and campaign framework.

  • Envision how personas knowledge and insights manifest into positive and tangible marketing results through case studies and best practices.

Best Practice Agenda

  • Why Personas?

  • Defining the Persona

  • Breakout Exercise: Creating a B2B Persona

  • Buying Cycle Alignment

  • Applying Persona Insight to Messaging and Campaigns

  • Prioritizing Personas

  • Operationalizing Personas – Cross-Functional Contributions

  • Persona Case Studies and Best Practices

  • Breakout Exercise: Leveraging Persona Insight in Upcoming Marketing, Sales, and Product Initiatives

  • Creating and Action Plan and Timeline

Prerequisite Work

  • Pre–Reading:

  • Optional Webinars, e-learning courses or other sessions covering workshop material and questions regarding  the workshop itself. Inquire to your account executive or customer success manager for more information about tailored workshops.

Workshop Leaders

Our workshop leaders are seasoned practitioners who have planned, executed and measured successful initiatives, campaigns and projects in their respective subject matter areas of expertise.

They engage hundreds of clients annually in continuous research, benchmark studies and client inquiries to identify trends, issues and challenges and provide models, frameworks and actionable pragmatic advice to clients. Through our Advisory Services, clients gain increased leverage from the workshops through continuous engagement of our Analysts during their services subscription period.

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