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Pricing and Packaging Project

Are you dealing with one or more of these challenges?

“We are being priced out the market”

“We need to price our new SaaS product”

“We are leaving money on the table” “

"Our sales reps are discounting our product too much of the time”

Address these concerns by using a new research informed process for developing product packaging and pricing. 

SiriusDecisions will help you:

• Learn how to develop a pricing and packaging strategy that is targeted and drives revenue growth

• Learn the iterative process for developing the product price based on buyer value

• Learn new approaches to creating volume based pricing

• Learn more effective approaches for ensuring sales can support the products pricing through sales training and tools

Make an investment for long-term revenue and profitability growth

By adopting a value-based approach to pricing, your organization can expect:

• Improved monetization of every element of your product due to understanding of the buyer value and more strategic packaging strategies

• Pricing that doesn’t leave money on the table since it is based on product value to the buyer not on unrelated elements such as cost

• Sales reps that are more effective at supporting price because they better understand buyer value and how pricing supports the offering

• Products that are more customer and and value-focused and can better drive top line growth

A project that supports an action plan for your product and pricing team

How does it work?

• SiriusDecisions will undertake a discovery process to gain an understanding of your current situation and identify the specific needs to complete product pricing

• Interview key stakeholders to prioritize activities and uncover needed resources to support the pricing effort

• Lead a pricing and packaging team through the process and requirements for developing offering pricing and packaging

• Utilize qualitative and quantitative data, including surveys and interviews of key stakeholders to asses key pricing and packaging capabilities to develop an action plan customized to your organization

Key Takeaways

• The components of a repeatable pricing and packaging development process

• Pricing and packaging strategy documents (first drafts) for one product

• Periodic review and optimization sessions

• A set of recommendations to continue and refine value based pricing

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