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Sales Incentive Planning Project

Develop sales incentive compensation plans that are cost-effective and drive desired sales behaviors, increasing sales productivity.

Are you dealing with one or more of these challenges?

“Our sales incentive compensation plans are not driving effective sales behaviors.”

“Sales reps do not appear to be motivated by key aspects of our sales incentive compensation plans.”

“Our sales incentive compensation plans are too expensive for the sales results that they yield.”

Address these concerns by revamping your sales incentive plans based on research-informed best practices.

SiriusDecisions will help you:

• Assess your current sales incentive compensation plans and processes, including analysis of historical plan structure and payout performance

• Align your plans with corporate goals and go-to-market models

• Develop new sales incentive compensation plans based on the SiriusDecisions Sales Incentive Compensation Model

• Deploy the plans to your sales team with effective communication

How will these changes impact your business?

• Tighter alignment of sales compensation with corporate goals and go-to-market strategy which will yield stronger sales results through the coming year

• A clearly defined process and roadmap for future annual sales incentive compensation plan development will enable a successful, repeatable process year after year

• Financial analysis to support your annual sales planning process

What our clients are saying:

I now have best practices for sales incentive compensation planning supported by detailed quantitative analysis that I need to sell new plans to Sales and Executive Leadership and to the Sales Force.”

The analysis will enable me to make a strong business case for changing our sales incentive compensation plans to Human Resources and Finance.

Take the steps needed to create a lasting impact on your sales team's productivity.

How does it work?

• Within this 8 - 10 week project, SiriusDecisions Consultants will:

Review existing sales incentive comp plan documents, corporate goals, go-to-market strategy, sales roles and responsibilities

   • Interview key stakeholders

   • Quantitatively analyze historical sales compensation plans, quotas and payouts

• Qualitative and quantitative data, including surveys and interviews, are used to help inform recommendations and develop an action plan customized to your organization

• Key stakeholders, such as the CSO, Sales Operations leader, Sales Managers and Sales Reps, and HR and Finance Compensation leaders, should be involved in the project

Key Takeaways

• Best practices-based sales incentive plan for key sales roles

• Detailed analysis of historical plan performance, including identification of challenges in designing plans and setting quotas

• Tool for designing plan measures and mechanics that produces financial analysis of plan performance

• A roadmap for future advisory service inquiries to ensure ongoing support and success

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