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The SiriusDecisions Revenue-growth Assessment


This consulting engagement identifies inhibitors to revenue growth in the sales and marketing organizations, and provides a set of prioritized recommendations for improvements in organizational structure and alignment, processes, tools, enablement/training and capabilities that sales and marketing leadership can implement to accelerate revenue growth.


Most Heads of Sales are intuitively aware of what is working well and what challenges to profitable growth exist in their organization. They rarely have the time or resources to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the sales organization and its alignment with marketing. They often lack access to research, best practices and peer benchmark data to qualify potential opportunities for improvement.
While many elements of their team may be functioning well, all elements must be working together to accelerate growth.


The Revenue Growth Assessment is targeted to quickly identify and prioritize areas for improvement in revenue generation. The project typically lasts between six to twelve weeks depending on the size and complexity of the organization. Using a combination of benchmarks, on-line surveys, interviews, document review and data analysis, SiriusDecisions consultants will assess the “as-is” state against industry benchmarks and best practices across fifteen core topics within three categories:

Sales and Alignment

Are the sales strategy, coverage and supporting go-to-market structure aligned with corporate strategy, market segmentation and market demand creation plans to product the desired results?
  • Sales organization alignment to market opportunity
  • Existing and new business growth plans
  • Account and territory planning
  • Compensation models
  • Lead generation, management and reporting
  • Technology and infrastructure
  • Sales and marketing metrics and dashboards

Sales Productivity: Efficiency Drivers

Is the sales organization leveraging best practices, processes and tools to fully optimize sales results?

  • Sales process definition
  • Sales management process
  • Sales rep activity
  • Sales operations structure

Sales Productivity: Effectiveness Drivers

Are appropriate sales enablement priorities, resources and programs in place to prepare and develop the sales organization to execute upon the sales strategy?

  • Competency profiles
  • On-boarding and training programs
  • Sales asset management process
  • Sales enablement structure

Sample Project Deliverables

Key deliverables from this project will include:
  • Organization-specific benchmark survey results, compared to a peer-set of similar companies
  • An assessment and gap analysis compared to best practices of the fifteen productivity drivers. Findings are focused on resource allocation and the availability, fit and effectiveness of current-state capabilities and processes.
  • Prioritized set of investment recommendations linked to potential impact on the revenue plan.
  • Recommended implementation timeline and options for ongoing support from SiriusDecisions Advisory services.

Research-Informed Consulting Process

SiriusDecisions Consulting leverages a unique methodology for collecting insights about the current state of an organization and then comparing these findings to similar organizations. The SiriusIndex™ is used to compare best practices achieved by a peer group (organization size, industry, go-to-market approach, etc.), relative to the current CMO results as well as best-in-class organizations. These comparisons provide context and inform recommendations in both an interim review and final report. Final reports are typically presented in an onsite working session followed by a final PowerPoint report and relevant SiriusDecisions research.

Scalable Solutions to Help B2B Leaders Grow Their Business

SiriusDecisions provides research-informed consulting services that operationalize our market-leading models, frameworks, best practices, benchmark data and research to address business problems or opportunities and drive profitable growth. With SiriusDecisions Consulting you will broaden understanding, adoption, application, utilization and impact of SiriusDecisions methodologies within and across teams and go-to-market ecosystems.


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