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The SiriusDecisions Sales Operations Organization Structure Project


This project assesses the current state of the Sales Operations organization and its alignment to the future goals of the organization. This enables the CSO, senior sales executives and the Sales Operations leader to assess the current state and strategy and prioritize actions required to ensure that the right structure, capabilities and skills are present to support future success.


As companies grow, CSOs and Sales Operations leaders often struggle to determine how much to invest in sales operations and how its responsibilities should evolve to keep driving sales productivity gains. This is especially difficult because market demands and trends are changing buyer behavior in many segments. New, disruptive technologies necessitate frequent evaluation of new approaches to enable, manage and coordinate the sales force and how they communicate value  to customers. As a result, CSOs and Sales Operations leaders need to constantly assess the Sales Operations organization, skills and capabilities to meet both current and emerging needs driven by these market and technology dynamics.


This project helps CSOs and Sales Operations leaders address this critical situation. Designed based on best practices of leading organizations, SiriusDecisions helps CSOs assess their current organization structure and capabilities against their peers and best practices, and validate alignment with the corporate Go-to-Market strategy. After this workshop they will know:

  • The current state of the Sales Operation organization skills and capabilities
  • How they compare to similar organizations based on benchmark data for resource and budget allocation
  • Recommended future state changes and prioritized areas to address based on impacting the sales team’s ability to support the buyer’s journey, improve efficiency, and increase productivity

Who Should Participate?

CSOs, Sales Executives and Managers, Sales Operations leaders are the primary participants. Senior staff actively involved in sales operations and related work, including strategy, sales planning, as well as executive stakeholders may also be invited.

Sample Prerequisite Work

In order to prepare for this project, SiriusDecisions will work with the CSO and team to collect and review base line data such as:

  • Documentation of current company strategy, challenges and growth plans
  • Overview of current organization structure, charter, objectives, and budget
  • Relevant content from the SiriusDecisions repository for team members to review, such as the Sales Operations Core Strategy Report, introduction to The Buyer’s Journey, Value Stream Mapping, or Sales Metrics and Territory Optimization

Sample Project Deliverables

Key deliverables from this project will include

  • Organizational spend and resource allocation benchmark against peers of similar size and industry
  • Assessment of current organization, roles, skills and competencies
  • Recommendations and best practices for a future organization model, including role descriptions and competencies for key roles and prioritized are  as of emphasis/development
  • Workshop-related SiriusDecisions research materials
  • Post-workshop advisory inquiry topics, related workshops, and adjacent projects such as Sales Tools and Technology,Sales Planning and Strategy, or Sales Measurement and Analytics

Consulting Process and Data-driven Methodology

SiriusDecisions Consulting leverages a unique methodology for collecting insights about the current state of an organization and then comparing these findings to similar organizations.
The SiriusIndex™ is used to compare best practices achieved  by a peer group (organization size, industry, go to market approach, etc.), relative to the current CMO results as well as best in class organizations. These comparisons provide context and inform recommendations in both an interim review and final report. Final reports are typically presented in an onsite working session followed by a final PowerPoint report and relevant SiriusDecisions research.

SiriusDecisions Consulting Process and Data-driven Methodology

Projects begin with a kickoff that includes clear outline of the detailed approach, schedule of status updates, next steps and deliverables. The SiriusDecisions Consulting process outlined below guides clients through a set of coordinated steps and milestones to a successful outcome. One of the most important steps is the “review and revise” phase, which allows initial feedback to be incorporated into the development of a final set of prioritized recommendations and deliverables. All process steps and milestones are designed to work in concert to apply operational intelligence, SiriusDecisions frameworks, models and best practices to create actionable plans and results.

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SiriusDecisions provides research-informed consulting services that operationalize our market-leading models, frameworks, best practices, benchmark data and research to address business problems or opportunities and drive profitable growth. With SiriusDecisions Consulting, you will broaden understanding, adoption, application, utilization and impact of SiriusDecisions methodologies within and across teams and go-to-market ecosystems.


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